Fake vs Real iPhone 6!

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This is just to show how crazy close the design on the fake iPhone 6 was to the real iPhone 6. Also, be extremely cautious when purchasing iPhone 6’s on sites like eBay and Rakuten!

iPhone 6 Black or White: http://youtu.be/p2X6a_lB1L4
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Universal Clips says:

Glad to know mine is real????

Youtube Channel says:

wish they stuck with the slate colour from the iPhone 5

Kaauan Stifler says:

Alguem me doa um iphone Pfv

Kaauan Stifler says:

Alguem me doa um iphone Pfv

KimboDogg07 says:

Very good informative video my main man thanks !!!

ThatChristina says:

Lol you said this will be a quick video. This is actually a 7 minute video. Dude I'm not hating ok? But it was 7 minutes, not quick it should of been like 4:07 minutes. In right. Great vid!

Joyleen Savelio says:

is the fake iPhone cheap I would get it lols

pradeep kumar says:

make the video shorter bud

Sniper Fresh says:

Where can you get a fake iPhone

ryan mussio says:

Can someone put a link where I can purchase the fake iPhone 6

Chorong Taehyung says:

Hows the iphone 6 fake ? Is it good? Can you advice me.. because I'm gonna buy a fake one, answer me please !

oby boyce says:

Hey do u think i can have the fake one? idk just trying my luck her

Flame Skull says:

I never solded a Fake Things on stores.. Good thing, I must beware buying on eBay and Rakutan… You helped people a lot dude! ????


I really dreaming to have iphone 6plus, im a poor guy from asia, please send me one iphone 6plus i will be sooo happy 🙁 sorry if i beg..

vir go says:

hope to have one …

Javier Solano says:

Show the other side of the phone already, turn it on!

Samantha Quintanilla says:

I saw a ton of those fake iPhone 6s on ebay!! omggg????

rogelio rodriguez says:

My heart had stopped when I seen main pic before video cause the fake one looked like mine,, ????

veeti jaatinen says:

fake iphone 6

veeti jaatinen says:

where i can get it

Arianna Phan says:

in the first 2 seconds I could tell the one with the phone on the top was fake

Krisha Kate Carreon says:

I like iPhone 6 gold

Rosie Andrea HD says:

and how much is fake iPhone u missed your money

Rosie Andrea HD says:

what does fake i phone do……

Hector Castillo says:

The fake one looks cooler imo

MP-Tuners Productions says:

It's not that bad when you know that you are buying clone. I mean,kick down the gui to normal android and it's just android smartphone like any other

Indya Thornton says:

can I have 1

RobloxMadPlayer says:

idk anything about fake iphones cuz im getting samsung galaxy s5 mini for my 12 nd next month :P

salman qureshi says:

its nice video appreciate for your help..!!

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