FAKE iPhone 6 Plus BEWARE

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This video will tell you what to look out for when buying an iPhone from Craigslist. Some amusing features of this masterpiece are described in this video in comparison to the genuine iPhone 6 by Apple. Beware of scammers!
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RobloxGamingMaster says:

another thing is that the tabs in the tab selection when you double tap home are smaller

Ameera Qistinoi says:

If i want to buy this dummy phone……can i buy it at the shopping mall…did they sell this kind of fake phone…i'm not sure…..should i get the samsung a8 kr this fake iphone 6 plus….those size are same…..so please reply thanks :]

Coldflamegame says:

Ur a f**king lier

StopBS says:

gonna sell some of these to people who are moving on the last day of school

Roboy says:

My IPhone 6 came with that Rapper thingy covered on it and I bought it from T-Mobile

Bunny Cheeks says:

You actually can out you olive thumb print in the fake one


fake it phone has viruses and if you sign in your account they will take your info and then your money

Peter Rafferty says:

Pretty sure Apple still give you a sim ejected

zhlchlv says:

стремный английский у чела. лучше бы по русски говорил.

Dynasia Eason says:

thanks sir

Captain FuzzyPants says:

this is a pretty good fake, like awesome fake tits

RetroGaming465 says:

I remember iris for android XD (Siri backwards)

Tom Williams says:

The apple sign is gold as well

Tom Williams says:

The apple sign is gold as well

Bennett Novak says:

iris is siri backwards

Deadly Bleach says:

I usually hate but I got to say, This video is awesome! ????

Jalen Ferrell says:

At 4:40 exactly you can see the number for a split second

Bronanza says:

Just got my 6s today. It came with a sim eject.

Starr Lynnn says:

It actually might come with the screen protector

Peter Beadle says:

I heard of an even worse phone out there. I think they call it a galaxy. So be aware and don't buy it.

chadergeist says:

At 1:56, he said "I Fons"…LOL!

Bella Purplecamoclouds says:

Iris- siri backwards lol

Leah'sWorld says:

Awesome channel subbed straight away

Miz says:

it has a screen recorder thing there :D

Debanshu Pani says:

I'd buy the fake one :)

Dildroid4Sale says:

It's an android made to look like an iPhone

Nathan Richards says:

Understand this is a comparison video and it was pretty funny to see the fake but I can't go without saying that they do now come with SIM card removal tools… ????

Ami Wilson says:

how much is it and how is it fake if it eorks

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