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Fake Apple Watch on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1wnmePJ
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Welcome to my unboxing and comparison of this fake Apple Watch. In this video I compare the device to the LG G Watch and LG G Watch R.

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Sachintha Gunasena says:

You're crazy!

szysza145 says:

The Amazon link is broken :/

Oliver Rogerson says:

Please may I have it

hunter doughty says:

I want the extra one

Aj Tejan says:

can i have the spare one

Zibran Dj says:

are in indonesia tooo

Shabbir Jamaly says:

Give me the second one

Jayden Lewis says:

so there u have it the "ACTUAL FAKE APPLE WATCH"….

Funky Dude (FunkyTube) says:

cant find it.. still available?

arxiSigma says:

"no real apple watch yet." HA

Tom Van de Goor says:

Do you give it away

Anthony Reed says:

I'll still take the fake

Ibrahim Hanif says:

Wtf I get one from eBay for 500 pound it was fake I got so pissed off

Gem Macaraeg says:

"THE CHARGE HOLE" ????wow!!! Nice One on the USER GUIDE or USER MANUAL english grammar… LOL!!!that!!! made my day ????- "YOU CHARGE HOLE!!!" ????- My Glob YOU're A one stupid CHARGE HOLE!!! ????- What a CHARGE HOLE! ????

woodadmin - says:

not sure sleep cycle monitoring — what is the point of it

Jack Carroll says:

I still have my nano 6th generation. I was a little ticked off when itunes stopped supporting it because the whole reason I even got it was the clip on the back which for some reason they got rid of.

Ankur Bagai's Productions House (Danny Singh) says:

Give that Fake watch to me :D

Borovez says:

it looks horrible on your wrist…. thats my opinion.

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