Fake Apple Watch Review – Piece Of $#!T

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Clone Apple Watch Review & Hands On Unboxing. Worse than iPhone 6 Clone. Do NOT Buy The Apple Watch Clone.


Drone Guy says:

Hey, EAP, do you know how to buy this? Just curious.

Lauren H says:

were do you buy one?

Christian Tapia says:

China is evil D:

Karlo Šarić says:

its not that bad

Dennis Leslie says:

More like the iPhone is a piece of $#!T.. lol

smirnoff1589 says:

how do you even order one haha pure garbage

Andrew Kinney says:

You shouldn't say"Strait from China" because the real thing is made in the same place.

roslee sulong says:

Does it have gps? Able to receive and reply sms? Where to buy

Shaye Young says:

Soooo, it's technically an android watch?? ???????? I mean, it's basically a watch that's an android version….. Right????? ( I'm not much of a
" know it all " technology person ) ???? 

United NationsTv says:

In your other video " Apple watch, 10 things that suck" you were saying that Apple has removed some Sencers on It! They didn't!
The watch you were reviewing was the FAKE APPLE WATCH! You can even tell. On the actual Apple watch it has Sencers on the Back were it touches your rist.! On the FAKE WATCH IT JUST HAS A SMOOTH BACK!! With no sensors! I just watched the "10 things that suck about the Apple watch video" and then I just watched this video and it looks like YOU HAVE BEEN REVIEWING THE FAKE APPLE WATCH ON THE "Apple watch, 10 things that suck" VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xxxdnaskatexxx says:

Why would anybody buy the real apple watch anyways? Nothing mind blowing about it for 400 bucks. People are idiots.

The Ultra Cactus says:

Piece of $#!+

Caleb Jj says:

Plot twist the Chinese kid who makes the fake watch also makes the $20,000 real one XD

lesley salas says:

It really seems fine for me I will go buy it.

ucheucheuche says:

Apple Watch is not beautiful. More childish looking.

Estelle Bright says:

I really enjoy such kind of video because those products are really funny at all!

LynX Clan says:

Still it's a clone 

Apple4Android says:

LOL at the iPhone fail????

alnoiseplaysmc | Aslhax says:

"I would destroy it, buuut. I don't know.." lol

MR Hex says:

Is the clone cheaper

Heesoo Yang says:

Apple watch is pretty cool, but it has NOWHERE near "almost no bezels."

Josh B says:

What people don't get is that the Chinese labor slaves make the real apple products, and some of them sell the blueprints and materials to third party sellers behind Apples back.

AeroSixWJ says:

What the fuck is that?

Ginga Pegasus says:

The thing you were playing with is called anti lost which is when you get a certain distance from your phone it will vibrate or sound or do both depending on your setting

朱婷 says:


音佑喵 says:

OMG China OP[xxxxx

/root says:

120 chinese people watched this video :)) and of couse they ve disliked it 🙂 who the hell could even want or like a fake piece of shit.do not buy their products, their economy is doing so well because of that and on the other hand in most countries countries of europe they are doing the greatest tax evasion to say the least.here we call them "EU china"
Love your videos man..great job

Cristian Hurd says:

you talk funny

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