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Welcome to my A1 Apple Watch clone review, I paid £11.31 but the price has dropped to £9.89 on the listing for all colours £1.42 less than I paid,

This watch is mainly for android smartphones but will work with apple phones,

The seller quotes on their description,
1.There is no APK for iPhone,
so four functions can’t sync with iphone
1. Anti-lost
2. Messaging
3. Notifier
4. Remote Camera
but all other function can used normally
because no need to use app

Android smartphones can support all function in the description,

Color options available,
Black should avoid getting grubby,

For the best results use the QR code on the watch to link to the software and BT notification app,

As it will of been optimized to give you as much functionality as possible between your SmartWatch and SmartPhone,

This watch is not waterproof, it is not really splash proof either,

Specifications of the watch are as follows

Watch supports maximum 32GB TF card
Resolution 240*240 pixel

Bluetooth Ver 3.0
Battery 380mah
Camera 0.3MP

Display 1.54 inches HD capacitance touch screen
Network Support GPRS Surf internet (WAP)
Languages English, Spanish, Dutch, Spanish, Polish, Thai

Functions available on the watch are,

Bluetooth push message
Alarm clock
voice recorder

sedentary remind

sleep monitoring
A pedometer
bluetooth music playing

Taking pictures on watch and remote shutter for your phone
Call Function
Unicom, mobile card, GSM/1800/1900/850/900 dial,

bluetooth phone, synchronous phone book, etc.
Phone calls alerts with sound & vibration to remind
Two-way anti lost for watch and phone

The clock display has 3 different faces
Weight 55g
Appearance size 47.9mm x 40mm x 11.8mm

Thanks for watching my video.


Luca C'è says:

Does anyone know if this A1 smartwatch is able to show pictures recived by WhatsApp of the smartphone?!

Red&Blue says:

Hey can u help i have the same exact watch and its stuck in 24hour format like it won't give an option to change to 12 hour format can u help

SR B says:

I just got a A1 smartwatch, but it does not turn on. Do you have any idea how it can be fixed?

Daiana Dani says:

Can you change the strap?

Liam Kelly says:

Would this better for a smaller wrist than the DZ09 or GT08?

gamegirl Xboxone says:

If you put a sim card in it you can really send a message on whatsapp or you see only the message ?

Paco says:

Why isn't there digital watch 😮


will it support Facebook and WhatsApp

Tamie Liptak says:

I can't get my Silent Mode to work. It still rings when my phone rings. I want my my A1 to be on vibrate at all times. Anyone experiencing this problem?

Gaming with Farhaan says:

can i use sim

Kasi Moto says:

how to connect with bluetooth hand free with this mob someone can tell me

Miranda San Martin says:

it is actually the same watch apple buys it from the factory and just buys different features this one is direct from the factory that's why it also does not have a logo

Brendon Holt says:

What about some battery lasting specs?

Priyanka Roy says:

no calculator

Mayra Ferreira says:

hello, im new in the channel and i want to know if this watch can be connected with WhatsApp or Facebook and if it allow me to download apps into it. Thank you

Raja Hasan Hasan says:

I have this one This is very cool

Mix Nation says:

Is it waterproof or waterresistant?

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