Every iPhone Speed Test Comparison 2016!

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Comparison of ALL iPhones EVER Made! 2016 Edition. iPhone SE vs 6S Plus vs 6S vs 6 Plus vs 6 vs 5S vs 5C vs 5 vs 4S vs 4 vs 3Gs vs 3G vs 2G!


Juan Diego Martinez says:

can I have the iPhone 5

cute daisy says:

can I have iPhone 6s

Aland Sirwan says:

Give me free iphone

Ali Ah507 says:

the speed of internet 120 megabyte in my country the speed net is 2 mega ????????????

The creepy mr pasta says:

camera still bad though hahaha haha, poor apple users only buying the products for the logo

Grzegorz Puzio says:

Pls give me iphone

Pranav Koritala says:

amazing presentation..!!

Julio Granados says:

Wrong I have an iPhone 4s and it turns on in 5 seconds

Zayd Berkani says:

Good video,
I have one question for you what is the name of the editor that you use?

Nick OSX says:

1:34 HOW?!?!?!?!

Elizabeth Gray says:

I'm watching this in my new iPhone SE

sabih mirza says:

can u please do a iphone 6s giveaway i have been wanting an iphone for so long btw i love ur channel

Kaidon Clegg says:

Anyone else notice there are 12 charger cables and 13 iPhones?

Xippio Xippio says:

This makes me sad I have an iPhone 4 :(

Caroline Kamau says:

I have a iPhone 6 Plus????

Ian Moore says:

why was there no iphone 1

Toni Xp_games says:

i just got a silver iphone 6s today

cupcakes lover (Katie) says:

Go on my channel to see crazy sports skits and gymnastics tutorials

Tranyiah Blye says:

can I have in iPhone6s

Mista Fox says:

Ooooooh I like this. Very helpful video!

ruby dreemurr says:

the thumbnail and the opening phones is epic

GamesWithIzzyKingg says:

Where are the 5s people at?(Sending this from a Samsung but I'm getting Space Grey tommorow)

Riaz Zaman says:

Your stupid

Dylan Hodges says:

There was a 1 iPhone but you could get it on amazon now

Sofía Battiato says:

Everyone comments things like "i have 6s and you?" "who else still has the 5s?" and I… I have a sad samsung

Kylie Channel says:

My phone is winning for everything iPhone SE

Delores McEachern says:

Nice video

alexelmanco 34 says:

What about Iphone 5c?

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