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Download on the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/duet-display/id935754064?mt=8&uo=6&at=11l32tU&ct=do_more

Duet is made to empower great work
Because we believe the best tools are not just powerful
But incredibly simple

By seamlessly expanding the work of anyone, anywhere
We hope to encourage a new way to work
To adventure farther or achieve faster
To solve a problem, the simplest way possible
And to bring it to life

Featuring the remarkable work and process of creatives and problem solvers around the world:

Mitzi Akaha – Illustrator – Tokyo
Jared Erondu – Designer – SF
Pat Lok – Musician – NYC
Todd Saunders – Architect – Bergen, Norway
Mauricio Bucardo – Photographer – Guanajuato, Mexico
Julia Wallin – Developer – Stockholm

Directed by:
Todd Martin & Anderson Wright

Plug in, expand your work, and transform your iPad into a second display for your Mac and PC.

Learn more at www.duetdisplay.com


Jaknael Rodriguez Delabra says:

Linux Support!!!

Tran Trung Duc says:

Damn these guys know how to make a good advertisement..
Just saw this ad on YouTube and I really love it

L3D says:

+duet display is it possible to hook up 2 ipads so i could have a triple monitor system if i wanted? If not it would be super cool if you could make it do that

De Gorvell says:

1:30 app?

Luis Gustavo Mussili says:

Hello, I was wondering if somebody knows the name of the tool which physically joins the iPad and the Mac. Tks in advance.

Zsolt Gallai says:

What's the name of the first iPad stand in the video?

iAmXpressFusion PSN says:

need help please. doesnt work on my windows 10 laptop.

Joe Underbakke says:

Man, everyone is concentrating so hard in this video!

Owen Rival says:

doesn't work

WinterGale says:

Beautiful ad and equally beautiful music. Apple couldn't have done it better.

Jake Kerosky says:

Duet Display, when installed, causes the game World of Warcraft to crash upon startup on my PC with Windows 10. Does anyone have any solutions?

Awsumist says:

I watched this on my iPad in duet display lol

Yannis Antonopoulos says:

I am just wondering if it's possible to connect 2 iPad pro. One on the left and one on the right. Not sure if anyone really need this but I am just asking.

Christian Dela Pena says:

The ad is soft but powerful. You have only one choice, buy the app. This is the perfect combination of a superb product and a great ad. The song is enthralling. Can't help but watch this ad over and over again.

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