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Learn how to listen to your favorite music from YouTube and Sound Cloud on your iOS Device without a jailbreak or a computer! This method allows you to download your favorite songs and videos for use even when you do not have internet connection. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and please leave a like 🙂 Thank you! [ SHOW MORE FOR LINKS AND INFO ]

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Music in the BG: Ujico – [fireworks] (Dream Castle EP):


chao thao says:

fuck you you nfaggot copy cat

Corey Jones says:

why in the hell would you go through this hassle? Trebel Music app on iphone is way easier. free downloads, play offline, blah blah. pretty new app so their catalog is still small but personally i think it has badass potential.

waka turkey says:

Is this illegal

Majiru Naeta says:

Guess it won't work for fnaf the musical :'(

Jace Gomez says:

I've been using this for like!4 months

Stephanie Vang says:

It works! Thank you! :)

Regine Arat says:

Thankyou so much!!!! Life saver!!! ????

Queen B says:

U changed my whole life. Subscribed ❤️

Sarah Fuentes says:

show us how to export it to your iTunes music library

Deathpool1482 says:

is this for android too jon

Jase Nantes says:

Thx this helped a lot

kaïto says:

nice video ! ;D

PercalTM says:

I've also made a tutorial if anyone is having trouble with this method :)

jess LitZ Prod says:

is there a way to use the song u downloaded to put into a video you can upload

Isabella Barragan says:

Is this legall

Star's Beauty says:

Omg you saved my life I now use this to edit my videos thanks!

Luke Luna says:

Can you use this music to import to I movie for YouTube videos?
Thank you

Benjamin Weber says:

Why does YouTube to MP3 on mainince

Xtreme Pikachu Lover says:

Hey, I just wanted to thank you for making this video, you really just changed my life lol

UltraYouTuber says:

Thank you soooo much this helped a lot!

ThunderGo says:

Awsome thx

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