Download Free Music Straight From Your Iphone, Ipod Touch, and Ipad

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This is a quick video to show you the best way to download music for free right from on your IOS device.

Website for free music:

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Ronnie Patrick says:

These people are so fake with their info. You can't download free music to your iPhone 6s Plus unless you put the on your comp transfer it to iTunes and download from there.

Adolf Hitler says:

The Website can not found anymore !!

Leo Hood says:

Free? 0.99$] lol

Thomas o'Malley says:

i think apple removed it from the App store, they spend more time to kill free downloaders than work on the IOS updates tbh

SaugaGaming says:

Im watching this from the future

XxGuineaPigsxX Lovers says:

Who's watching in 2016

Shadow being says:

See my how to get free music video for everyone. Click on my face to see my video

OldPic julian says:


progaming network says:

wow he is paying 99 cents for that app i have a app it is called full music downloader it has a light blue music note and is a dark blue on the back ground and i can get EVERY music one the app store dont wast 99 cents for that app

Amir Khan says:

If u have iPod 5th gen u have to email it to urself and and hold the thing and put save to drop box then go on ur laptop and download ur thing and then transfer the file to iTunes and sync it hope u like ????????????????

magodim says:

The automatic DJ is now on the iPad:

Babyrothx1337 says:

I have a app that I can download anything off of YouTube even full movies from YouTube on iPod touch 

Freddy Zurita says:

Download pocket tube

Gaming with HyPn0 says:

at 3:45 it says pigbitch lol

sonyourita rita says:

its good but   it not working with me

john pena says:

you said free music the app cost 2 dollers then 00.99

Asshrell _690 says:

Better download "Music D/L"
Its free to download at apps store. But the music you downloaded after that not sync on Music. Just in "Music D/L" try it now :)

Landon Urbanowski says:

Why do you complain about a fucking dollar

Angie Spradling says:

Free not .99 anything that requires me putting my credit card online No

Jamie Wwe says:

you call 99 cents free????  it said download free music you mean do something no one cares about for free and pay for what you said was free.

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