Don’t Launch Galaxy S6 into iPad Pro!

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Relisted as of 1/2/2015: iPad eBay auction!!
Relisted as of 1/2/2015: Galaxy S6 Ebay Auction!!
Selling other items as well:

We used a balloon launcher to send the Galaxy S6 into the iPad Pro at high speed! Turned out pretty epic. We filmed it on a FS700, RX100, iPhone 6s plus, and Phantom Miro 320s.

Check out the iPad Drop Test:
Check out Darren’s Channel:

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Me like jordan k? (captainsparklez) says:

Gizmoslip >pure awesomeness

Kauã Vitor says:

What could happen if you throw Galaxy S6 in a iPad Pro?
The universe would implode.

II_Owen Baret_II says:

What if I want to

Brenda 1102 says:

Thats awesome but how do u afford to break this stuff…?

thegamerbomb says:

2:12 The text says. Much Neo,so wow

sammey mustafa says:

much neo, so wow. what does that even mean?

Connor Steppie says:

What if I wanted to launch just the OS in the iPad?

Lennox Roth says:

I saw all of your little messages

Izzy D says:

i love this video its so amazing omg he should do more slow moushin

GalaxyGaming13 says:

much neo so wow

Cara Miller says:

Seriously why I good iPad pro and u just go and smash it but I got to say this video was epic

Anime Freak says:

Samsung is so mutch beter ????

Aneixus says:

One HUGE question… Who on earth would buy two broken phones????

Miki! says:

a…to face s6 style!

Red Diamond says:

try launching a galexy at an IPhone and the the IPhone at the same galexy

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