Don’t Drop Your iPhone 6S in Hot Lava!

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What happens if you drop your rose gold iPhone 6S in molten hot lava? Time to find out!

Sorry about the wind noise in the background, it felt like 200 degrees on those rocks, my body was burning, and it was a cloudy day.



netballer1000 says:

why do you do this to a perfectly working iPhone…

Dudetella Army says:

I cried :'( poor iPhone

Umpty Dumpty says:

I love this guy! Iphone sux anyway. =)

Gibson Tang says:

Just dont let howtobasic see this, discovering fire is bad enough.

Syke says:

Lava looks oddly delicious

Syakir Adzhari says:

will it blend ?

Ashley B says:

You have a lot of money btw this my moms account and I'm a boy

Toasty says:

at least stabilized the modafakin camera geeznuts

ThaCripVlogger says:

Thank you so much i was just about to drop my iPhone in to the lava then I saw this video

Vanessa Bishop says:

future civilizations will appreciate the fossil you just made

Elijah Eastman says:


MetalGearStowe says:


Bbla Hjus says:

Dude fake break iPhone!!! + noting survivor fro larval!!! So no bull shit, + why fuck camera keep dispel on the good parts!! Fuck scam shit!!! Scam -.-

Nathaniel Singletary says:

Oooookay then, Mr.Sellout

Humayrah Zulfikri says:

why you do that can you give iPhone please to me

George Cotarelo says:

I want to be this rich

Eamon Mckirgan says:

*reads title* I mean, that sorta goes without saying

Emma Taylor says:

laughing because im watching this with
an iphone 6s

Cakeries says:

so some fuckbois get to throw an iphone 6 into LAVA and i'm waitin for 2 hours at the apple store just for some fuck to tell me that my phone has 'water damage' and they can't do anything

Swoogity Swigz says:

The question is… Why would you even fucking drop your phone purposely in lava?

Bartolo Garcia says:

fucking stupid

Phantom Gamer says:

Lots of I phones in Africa could have eaten that lava

Amy Donald says:

Ummm how do you find/get lava?? Did you climb a valcano or something?? But Im still subscribing because DANGER!! LOL

Daniel Lepore says:

How do you afford to waste that many phones

Sambriddhi D.C. says:

Thanks! I was actually considering dropping my iPhone in lava. But now that I've seen this video, I know it will destroy my phone.

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