Delete iCloud Account from iPhone without Password iOS 8

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This Video is For the iPhone 4 and 4s

This video is intended for educational purposes ONLY.
Please share it so Apple can fix this soon

Make sure you always have a passcode lock on your device or this could happen to you if your iOS device gets lost or stolen.

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Jiska Jay says:

It works perfectly fine (:

Aldwin LilWinz Grafe says:

this is suck :3

mykul koplan says:

The problem here is this: to go into the iCloud settings to do this, you
have to be logged in ( look at :19 _ he’s logged in to the account already
), which requires the password. Which defeats the whole purpose of this

Addisu Gebremichael says:

this is one out of many reasons why I hate I phone.
I was just trying to help out some friends.
good luck for those..

Nadia Lynch says:

iHate iPhone 🙁 worst cellphone ever!

Ali Madad says:

It doesn’t work anymore.

Emran Ahmed says:

not working##


I decided leave iPhone to buy samsung product is my best solution 

Arleyah Cobb says:
Edward Henderson says:

mines doesnt give me all that it gives me just the account and password
thing when u start it up

Angelo beqiri says:

I have a different suffer you can bypass apple id

Carlos Eduardo Almeida says:

It’s a fake!
He changes the iPhone on minute 1:23

bill Cox says:

Is it still working ?

G. Zárate says:

you can delete your icloud account at the iphone, but you cannot delete de
apple icloud account at their servers so you cannot upgrade your ios or
you’ll have a expensive brick, it happened to me /:(

lin2log says:

Jesus… SERIOUSLY??!!

Fuckin’ moron. Maybe try TALKING, too, so at least we know *what the FUCK
it is we’re seeing!!*

yukki kuran says:

its work :)

Wiktor Kasz says:

Only idiots use apple anyway

Frank Brown says:

it doesn’t work ….

★ MatteZRefill & Packs & PvP! ★ says:

io7 is so shit i just updated to it from my other iphone 4 and it fucking
restarted my thing and says connect to itunes.. then had to fucking restore
a backup or just start from new… i didn’t even have a back up saved so
now everythings gone, all my contacts also,, ima stick with my galaxy s4

John Smith says:

Please share your answers,

Just say i have a iPhone 5 iCloud locked, if i change the imei number to a
different imei which is legit would it bypass the iCloud activation

Is iCloud linked it imei, when apple verify via iTunes to activate your
iDevice do they use the imei to check it?


ogyo007 says:

I used this method .. I created my account on my iphone 4 and I reseted…
After reset i need to activate and I can`t because my account doesen`t work
.. Now I cant use my iphone anymore …

Ibrahim Alzein says:

Fuck you thats fucking shit looser

Enhanced Pyrotechnics says:

vertical video syndrome

I am says:

Does this work on iPod touch 5th gen iOS 7?

sunniboi1000 says:

es versteht doch keine sau wa der da macht

jasonla204 says:

this video is bullshit…………

eminemas000 says:

wtf did anyone understand anything? you got to find my iphone click few
times, cancel, cancel, restart phone and then you can delete??

jhonatan marcelino says:

Miguel… eu tenho um Iphone 5, comprei de um amigo, e no momento que eu
restaurei o modo para original de fabrica, agora fica pedindo o email do
primeiro dono e senha, só que eu não tenho mais contato dele, o que posso
fazer para tentar ao menos descobrir o email? 

Tang Ornanong Pongsawat says:

it doesn’t work

javed ahmadzai says:

itsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot

Vectory Club says:

У меня на канале видео как удалить icloui
Ios любые
iphone ipad ipod 

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