CNET Update – Apple Watch accessories charge with style

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It may not be here for another month, but there are a few cases and charging stands to accompany the Apple Watch. Meanwhile, Apple stops selling rival fitness bands in stores, and YouTube adds 360-degree videos.

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TechOn Innovative Ltd says:

get it on Amazon!

Daniel Johansson says:

Not Okey to take that amount of money for things….

Pie Crust says:

still looks like a shitty watch to me. idiots will buy it. one slab of wood with a dock inside. stupid isheeps lolol. 

peasoupman says:

The youtube 360 video uploading thing is cool- Makes more vids to watch with a Gear Virtual Reality thing. 

pimp2hoes says:

"El risitas" reaching out international, i cant belive "Cuuuuuññññaaooooooo"

Richard S. says:

Still to this date, what is the use for smart watches really?
Notifications? View Photos? Open Garage door?
My phone can do all that, all I need to do is take it out of my pocket!

godfatherNYC says:

I thought the accessories for the Watch were actually mostly pretty cool.

Mohammad Azmi Asroff says:

Cow cash apple

zelda533 says:

When steve jobs died the whole company died 

MrShinnigami says:

You did it right +Arma 3 ????

chigasaki06 says:

The thought of a case for a watch is truly hilarious.  I'll sit this one out.

Dee Jay says:

$70  for a piece of wood made from Home Depot?

Tweegyblink says:

I like Bridget Carey :)

Sam_The_ Gamer says:


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