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This is my first ever iBook and it’s boxed! This is an iBook G3 Clamshell Indigo FireWire model from 2000, a total beast and a very iconic machine. I’m still flabbergasted that I own this awesome piece of kit. I hope to put the machine and box on display in my new office along with some of my other Apple bits and bobs, this is really cool stuff! If you have any requests in regards to videos about this machine, let me know. I’d like to further upgrade it and see what it can do, similar to what we did with the G3 B&W.

Thanks for watching! I hope you all enjoy…

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Unknown Person says:

My old elementary school had TONS Of these running OS X. So nostalgic.

Richard Koerper says:

So jealous I am

Kyle Greig says:

"It is a bit cold and 'clammy' to the touch"…. I see what you did there….

iiPadPro - ROBLOXian says:

your eyesight is that bad?

PatWizard says:

This video is great because we get to see everything that comes with the IBook and we don't have to purchase it ourselves just to find out. Nice job IMNC

Banana says:

Your monitors might be the thing giving you the headache

Fake Apple says:

Its so cute :D

Mike Newbold says:

are you albino?

Chimpur says:

Running OS 9 on these is pretty smooth for OS 9…. Even Classic under Panther or Tiger…… Its fun to tinker around in!

Terence Stewart says:

are you albino?

Xander Heffer says:

I went to eBay it says it was not found

Andreas Indelicato says:

i wish they would bring a kids line with those colors! i mean everyone still loves this kind of laptops! Especially kids! I gave mine to a neighbour kid he still uses it since 4 years! He is now 9 years old!

Tomodachisim534 says:

Could you not just use conponent through the multi av out

Clayton Peel says:

that hoodie is fucking horrendous. enjoyed the video. nice meme

NightmereBR says:

You have natural white hair ? LOL

MrBlackBeardFTW says:

i didnt know the Colonel was a KFC master mind also a PC gamer

KingMierda says:

How did you get this? Holy shit dude! Congrats!!!

VillagerClone says:

T want a I Book G3 Clamshell soooooooooooooooooooooo bad

Tanner Bott says:

As a dedicated mac user and collector I'm surprised to see you managed to get your hands on Clamshell iBooks G3 with original boxing! only boxed vintage apple products i got so far are a iMac G4, a plastic 20" cinema display, messagepad 120 and iSight camera

Kiyoshi Kirishima says:

I never liked these barbie toilet seats. But you should consider installing OS9 on there for some vintage gaming.

vb7200 says:

I can't believe that's your first iBook haha. I have a Snow iBook G3 that is running Tiger, I wan't to get it to dual boot OS 9 and Tiger to mess around with, but not quite sure how I'd go about doing that. Hopefully soon I'll figure it out

Jacque Prendergast says:

I'm poor as and want a new ish MacBook what do I do?

Kerbal Zone says:

hi there IMNC i heard you saying about these becoming rare and as i have both of the special edition ibook clamshells ibook snow and the g4 ibook and titanium and would be happy to lend them to you or be on a video and meet you to do a review of the machines

MrMuffinGame #WTFU says:

Even white moustache! How cool!!

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