This is a simple video on how to change the forgotten password on you mac ibook. Turn off you computer. Power up you computer and press “Command” key and “R” Key. When the restore options [More on Apple]
366MHz G3 iBook running OS X Panther. 533X Compact Flash card instead of a hard drive. Best performance was found using Firefox 2 that is optimized for the PowerPC, with the NoScript extension. Version 2 [More on Apple]
Within this video we will take a look at the Apple iBook G4 Mid 2005 and see how well this computer holds up to this day and age of 2016. Specs: iBook G4 Mid 2005 [More on Apple] A quick video of my current collection of 13 clamshell iBooks. All of these will be for sale on eBay at
Apple is well-known for its PowerBook series of laptops from the 1990s. But there was one portable computer the company made that had far-reaching effects — and it wasn’t even a Mac. Shout-out and thanks [More on Apple]
A guide on how to remove the bottom case in a 12 inch iBook G4. Visit for more repair guides. Replacement Keyboard Key Apple MAC Ibook Installation Repair Guide Single Key Fix
My Channel – *thanks guys for helping me reach 46,000 views!!!!. but I can’t figure out why, this video is not good haha* iBook G3 review/show off Specs: 700mhz PowerPC G3 256mb sdram Superdrive [More on Apple]
In this video, I tackle the question of the PowerPC G4 and if it is actually obsolete already. So I force myself to go an entire week using nothing but computers powered by a G4 [More on Apple]