Can you run minecraft on a PowerPC Mac?

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Can you? The outcome might be surprising!

Early 2004 iBook G4 is used in this video (1.07ghz, 1.25gb, 32mb r9200m gpu)


Evert van Ingen says:

Does Optifine work on Apple?

FatheredPuma81 says:

Optifine, a 4×4 or 8×8 texturepack, and a more light weight operating system would significantly improve performance.
Especially since you're looking at 32 MB of GPU memory which i'd guess 10 MB are used by the OS.

young smokeyboyz says:

Hey man how can you run mine craft on G5

apple tech geek says:

imac g4 700 mhz and 1 gb ram wil it run?? (dont matter what minecraft version its for a video)

RRW says:

Would the results be better on 1.25GHZ(dual), 2GB RAM, and a 64MB 9000 pro? Also, would Leopard have an adverse effect on performance?

Christian Perez says:

Warcraft 3 can you play it on a ibookg4

TechJunkie says:

next time someone says minecraft can run on any computer i will show them this video

TheAndroidBro says:

Lol thats straight up terrible

Ben “Sasqwatch” Cole says:

i just recently got a powerbook G4 and i have OSX 10.5.8 on it. i tried downloading the minecraft legacy launcher and my java is out of date. I cant find anywere were i can download java 1.6 for osx 10.5.8. is there anyway i can work around this?

RyuujinJakka says:

take off fullscreen, take off fancy graphics, short render distance, decreased particle effects, and if you have to take off bobbing

Ryan Austin says:

That was very helpful and answered my question

Asis8000Gaming says:

Never turn "Advance OpenGL"off. It is a performance booster. It makes it so only things you can see are rendered, and anything you can't see are not.

Felix Mustermann says:

It does not run worse than on my early 2007 macbook^^

•bobo111111 • Smacpats• says:

Please god, I play Minecraft on an acer C720 Chromebook. I usually average 10 fps with the settings down…
that looked like it was running smooth

Aperture Legos says:

I'm thinking of getting a iMac G5 any thoughts?

Josh Orbon says:

That is actually really cool! I remember having to turn my settings down just to play minecraft without lag.

Vincent Brunet says:

You have Quake 3 !! nice ;)

reapermax0 says:

I was trying to find something like this for an emac. Do you know if it will run on an emac with 1.57GHz(or something like that), 2GB of RAM, and is running osx 10.4 tiger

Arakmatzu says:

I wish they would open source the code so people could work on optimizing and porting the game to these type of platforms… Java runtime is sucky to be honest.

Joseph C says:

I'm sure if you don't use the automatic fullscreen it'l' run even faster.

Mountain Bike Connect says:

Do you know if it works on a 2002 Imac G4?

maccollectorZ (Commenting Account) says:

I miss the days (2011 or so) when I was able to run a server on my 2005 iMac G5 (2.1Ghz with 1GB RAM), play on the serer, while others were on, from the iMac G5, and there was NO lag. All Minecraft has done is get slower… and Java has gotten more and more retarded.

kierankay100 says:

im getting the pro g4 so it should work better

Malty Bowl says:

wanna shoot some gaming videos together?

Kevin Ayres says:

I tried it on my G5 Mac Pro once upon a time it was still a lot of lag i go 15 to 20 FPS on all low settings but now I'v a 2006 Mac Pro with 20GB ram, 2 evga GTX660 2GB SC editions in SLI (only on on windows 7) and I ungraded the CPU's from 2 dual core xeons to 2 xeon x5355 quad cores bring it up to 8 cores and a 120GB samsung 840 SSD in a PCI-e board running in full sata 3. and I did all of this under €700 and minecraft looks quite nice in a constant 60 to 100 FPS 😀 

COD “UltraKill” Zack says:

i think using alpha or beta stages of the game better. I used to have a old computer that ran the game at 100 FPS – 150 But now the new update i only have like 15 or 20 FPS

COD “UltraKill” Zack says:

USe the optifine i think it runs better

:VideoGames: says:

I use a power pc it so lag

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