Can Original Apple Box Protect iPad Pro 9.7 from 100 FT Drop Test? – GizmoSlip

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We tested the iPad Pro 9.7 inside of the original apple box this week. Thanks to Lululululucky for suggesting the idea! Be sure to check out all of my favorite videos on the channel. I made it really easy and put them all in a playlist! Link:


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Bradley Allen says:


Anabelle I Gymnastics Lover says:

I just hate it when I drop my ipad which is still in its box from a 100ft building

Ada M says:

Yes I think it will survive

Ali Elshenawy says:

send it to me mate

The diamond diamond says:

And pls subscribe me

The diamond diamond says:

Click on my TDD picture

brayden wilbur says:

us a bom to blow it up

Ryan Thrasher says:

Can I have an ipad

ahgamergod 13 says:

you should see if waffles can protect an i phone

malaya broeren says:

next use a baloon with no helium and give me a shout out plz

nurfitri fauziawati says:

i want that iPad!!

Dexter Langton says:

I love electronics!!!

Dexter Langton says:

Pick me! My address is 111 n 54th st!!!!!!

Fireboltglaxy9 GAMING says:

How can he afford to break all of these iPads and iPhones

ICE PhantomZz says:

i am to poor to afford a ipad

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