Can Duct Tape Protect iPhone SE from 1,000 Feet DROP TEST?!!

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Can Duct tape Protect iPhone SE from 1,000 Feet – DROP TEST!

iPhone Giveaway:

Today we will find out if duct tape can protect the new iPhone SE from an Extreme drop test from 1,000 Feet. Will this phone survive?

This is an Apple Iphone SE Drop Test or Destruction test and fun experiment. It is the way we review phones here.

Note: we had permission from local authorities to perform this experiment.





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TypicalGamerGuy says:

You are about 100 feet short of 1,000 feet. Close enough though

Niall Goodwin says:

don't say them words

fatas Dik says:

Simple answer before watching the video; NO

Desmond Mijing says:

Nice vid. Do the same for Nokia 3310 . Thumbs up !!

magical twins says:


Jabba the ass but says:

I get it is a success but i don't think it can be use

Kostas Kleisouras says:

my heart hurts..when i saw you breaking i phones or samsungs….

Quan Harris-Holley says:

that was awesome i love these videos and that phone your giving away should go to me

Lachlan Williams says:

guys, time anybody recognize better this viieo? .

zLegitYT says:

So want a iphone

Tyrone Townsend says:

Do the same but for 100 feet drop!

Sidney Compton says:

Mine is cracked

David An says:

As soon as I saw the title I was like… Well someone is an idiot

lizzy ponda says:

looks like a potato

Yesenia Barragan says:

imagine using the Occulous Rift thingy on that drone itll look like ur about to go sky diving 1,000 feet off the ground 0.o

Mike Ellis says:

hey can I have the i phone in in ca

Zara Louise says:

I don't think I'll ever somehow drop my iPhone 1000 feet from the ground..

TrivinityGamingHD says:

That's a fake iPhone, the warnings on the back are different :/

Japanesespanda20 says:

Of course it gonna fucking shatter

Doris Fernandez says:

wtf is wrong with you

tim whino says:

lolz are you alive siri

tim whino says:

toughest phone EVER

Temmie Is Not On Fire says:

Try it in a ballon filled with water

Jennifer Webb says:

SICK but you sould get that fixed

Anonymous Dragon says:

U should give away all the phones u use

Kenneth Banks says:

yea please let me win your videos are awesome I'm only 14 name Kenneth please let me win

Supernerdygamergirl502 // DanielleSNG says:

Published on my birthday

Glitchygaming says:

U know if u turn on airplane mode well u know what figure it out your self

Glitchygaming says:

U know if u turn on airplane mode well u know what figure it out your self

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