Booting a iBook G4 off a USB stick

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Let’s call it an iBook G4 on dialysis, anyway the main objective was to erase and reinstall OSX 10.5 Leopard on my 12″ iBook G4 1,33 GHz . Unfortunately my original DVD was “lost” so I had to go and find another solution.

More info here:


LamborghiniReven1000 says:

When I use this command, it says "Can't open device or file" How do I fix this issue? I've tried all other commands and it does NOT want to boot!

apple tech geek says:

where did u get your image?? was it a dmg or a iso when iam writing my image to an usb the only thing on it is 500 mb
with bootcamp drivers and such but the image is 6.6 gb how?

apple tech geek says:

pls i downloaded a leopard iso how do i make a bootable usb inside windows (my ibook doesnt boot from burned disk)
pls react fast i need it before sunday evening

apple tech geek says:

do you have skype? i want to instal os x leopard on mine

michalekxtreme says:

Thank you. My iBook doesn't have HDD, now i can boot already installed OSX Leopard on USB HDD 64 GB. Sorry for my english. Somtimes i do mistakes because im polish.

Isaiah Shipley says:

Can you make a video on how to make a bootable os x usb?

SuperGachet says:

How do you make a Mac bootable USB?
Does YUMI work for that?

MaryofEgypt says:

I booted my iBook g4 mid 2005 with NY USB flash drive and it gave me the welcome song and all that. I hit register and got to my desktop with a fresh look to it. But the computer thinks the flash drive is the main hard drive. Now without the flash drive inserted my computer won't boot at all!

It still recognizes its own hard drive after booting up with the flash DRIve Idk what to do at this point

When I open the flash drive I see folders. Even system folders but nothing that says "install leopard" or whatever its supposed to say.

David Streetly says:

very happy how you helped me thank you even tho I still don't have a clue and cant do it.

Samuel Maran says:

You have a very bad sound volume on your video. Please speak louder in your microphone, or put the recording sound at a higher level

Eduardo del rio says:

as I can create the image on the usb, as I do with tansmac and I get the circle parted in the middle and fails otherwise

Jason Mullins says:

Mine gives me the no smoking sign when you try to boot from it. any help??

ExtremeAutocorrectFails says:

What does load size too small mean? How do I fix it?

guilherme ferreira says:

thanks for the tip
it worked on my mac mini powerpc g4 1.42ghz
dont wont boot by the dvd installer not evan by usb
dont give up.

Bryan Lebron says:

how did you format your usb and such, 

Bryan Lebron says:

hey bro, i got the same problem going on, i get a circle with a line though it, and it stays there,, i have an imac g4 1.25ghz, 1gb of ram, an tips?

000 McKing says:

Dude thank you so much!!!!!

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