Best way to fix iPhone,iPod & iPad Lightning USB cable

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This video tutorial shows you how to fix Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Lightning USB cable.

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Itz Logic says:

Yes, let's just watch a 4 minute video with a 30 second long intro while my battery is wasting away due to the charger not working. Thanks for nothing, shithole.

Len “len303” kps says:

ebay 0.99p

Grace Laurent says:

It says mine is uncertified


I'd feel really safe charging my apple product and leaving the room or going to bed…….not.

Mic Spam God says:

This is so cringe WTFF JUST NO

Diego Oliveira says:

Wow! What to make from a piece of shit person whose reaction to a FREE and useful video is criticize the length of the Intro, and the guys accent… We're doomed!

CAL DerO says:

i like ur voice

Ryan Collie says:

here's a solution: get an Android

FAizan Hammad says:

my lightning cable is working on laptop and charger is also working on my s5 but when i plug lightning cable to that charger it work with iphone after 10-15 times rapid plugging.. any solution for this??

Jeff Brown says:

Great, now I have to get an engineering degree to even know what you just told me to do. Another four years of uncharged Apple crap.

Devaan Sharma says:

How do you get pass the metal sheathing to reveal where you solder the wires back to the terminal?

Melky Yeanay says:

When my iPad can't charge I'm annoyed

New Nuu64 says:

You are using a fake cable. A real cable will not have a black wire, instead three separate "negative" wires without any plastic around them. Also in a real cable there are light green strands on nylon in there to make the cable more durable and on top of that all the wires are inside a metal mesh

Brian Wilkins says:

This isn't a very good solution. For $25, you can buy a heat gun and heat shrink tubing to add a better looking and permanent repair. This just looks terrible.

Dumbazz Kids says:

The reason I dislike is because cut down your intro that shits really unessasary just put those links in your discrpiption and that's it

Jesus Garcia says:

the intro is eternal. ill be trying this on my 100 broken cables next.

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