Basically: iOS TestFlight Beta Testing – iTunes Connect

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In this tutorial, we will focus on using TestFlight:

TestFlight Beta Testing makes it easy to invite users to test pre-release versions of your iOS 8 apps before you release them on the App Store. You can invite up to 1,000 beta testers using just their email address.

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José De la O says:

"… he can, ahh, destroy your life, basically" lol. Great video!

farbod Aprin says:

Hi Sry I think you need to update video because my iTunes Connect interface is totally different.

kaushal pal says:

Simple yet complete tutorial.thanks for sharing.

Eagle king says:

I don't get a code

Riaz Rahaman says:

Why couldn't you just copied the bundle identifier from Xcode and pasted in the browser.

alexmorgun says:

What about Build Settings and Entitlements.plist?

Craig Newman says:

Small world… needed to do update apps on TestFlight, this was the first video I found.
Great work. Hope you are doing well.
Neurocore – CN

EnormousBlogoVision says:

Even though some of the UI has been updated since this video's upload, the tutorial is still incredibly helpful and well put together! Thanks for your help mate

Rebecca Tongsinoon says:

Thank YOU! this was such a time and sanity saver. That little trick of changing the simulator selection was pure gold. Thanks for posting this.

picsordidnthappen says:

Very helpful video for how things are now, thanks for that. I'd much appreciate an update once Apple decides to change the procedure.

Suwan Tongphu says:

Very useful! Thanks!

Jeanette Zhang says:

This saved hours of my time. Very grateful!

Jared Mermey says:

Provisioning profile does not appear. Any common reasons why not?

Matthew Bordas says:

Thank you so much holy shit this saved my ass

James Strong says:

Cut your background audio as soon as you start talking. That shit is annoying. We care about you talking not the music. Just some constructive criticism.

Ton Mangmee says:

Thanks, It was a very helpful video!

MichaelLevyVt says:

Thank you. This was very helpful.

Daniel Beaulieu says:


Brandon Havard says:

Does doing what you did actually submit the app to apple for approval?

Drew Bennett says:

When I send the app to submit to the App Store after archiving Xcode crashes. What can I do so this doesn't occur?

vasanthakumar KK says:

Hi, I am uploading my game developed by Unreal engine. How do I upload in xcode. Help me pla. I was stuck at 10.41 mins and have no clue how to procedd further. Until then I could able to relate with unreal engine instead of xcode. Thank you so much.

Buck Heinz says:

Could I be one of the app beta testers? That would be very interesting.

David Sullivan says:

Concise. Clear. Enjoyable. Relatable. Outstanding tutorial! THANK YOU!

Mister Riddick says:

Hi. I uploaded the build to iTunes but it's still saying  "upload the build to iTunes"

Firmansyah Rekso says:

I think u're forget to check a push notification, cz i ve got an email from apple to set up push notification when my app was uploaded, so i started to set again. over all nice video tutorial 🙂 (sorry for my bad english)

iWebSplash says:

Finally…I got a tutorial on this Apple cluster F*** that worked…

Much appreciated!!!

Imran Mouna says:

Awesome tutorial man, thank you!



Sudhanshu Srivastava says:

I uploaded the app and enabled beta testing for it. But the status under columns Internal & External is 'Processing' even after 14 hours. Can you please help or tell me when it can be available for my testing team?

Andrés Rodríguez says:

I want to be a tester. How do I get developers to send me invitations?  I mean, how do I manage to developers that do not know me, add me in his external testers list?

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