Bad Apple!!! – Music Box Version

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Bad Apple!!! – Music Box Version

I made this remix for not gaining anything of it or earning money with it. Please do not dicuss the matters of copyright anymore. Thank you.

I used a few notes from an orchestral synthesia tutorial by Spiritsoulxx, gonna search for the link, the vid is worth a like 😀


Made with my favourite music app for Apple iPod/iPhone and iPad, “Music Studio 2”!! In App Store you find it under “Music Studio”.

This song is one of my absolute favourite japanese songs, so I decided to arrange it an make a music box version of it. Hope you liek it. 🙂

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I DO NOT OWN the pictures I used, they belong to their rightful owners, I just found them on Google. I will not shut the links (below) down, but you must understand that I don’t want to get any problems and do not upload any other picture from now on.
Link to the Moukou Pic at 1:18:
First Pic:


yummojammo49 says:

if you credit make sure you include all the creators. allllllll of them and state role cooyright copyright i no make rules but

GumChewer says:

i wish someone would make a real life music box for this

Johanna Schulte says:

hooooo my god put up to 1.25 or 1.5 speed its beautiful!

Kugo Shawnoo (Kugodown999) says:

0.5 Creepy-ish… try it

kitemay says:

i dance to this

Kitten The Dark Princess says:

Can I use this in my story?

EvanescentPhantomCat says:

Would it be okay if I borrowed this as BG music in one of my speed paints~? I promise to give you credit and I will leave a link in the description to your channel and this video~

Lehtiah Kuuzuronight says:

This is like the most beautiful thing ever, love it ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

Camille Bernard says:

j'adore cette musique !!! T_T

Awesome Juli says:

I love this so much! <3 <3 <3

Leila Vejar says:

OMG, ITS SO BEUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! ~w^

Nans_ Blockit says:

It is amazing!

Modzer627 says:

The way you feel is the way others can feel, spread the love.

Aibohphobe says:

It's really creepy when the speed is set to .5.

Fernanda de Lima says:


Pepper Sketch says:

This is calm the original is like WHAT AM I PLZ HALP!

Dawn [insert last name here] says:

I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, but so many fuckers have stolen this exact same remix from you. Not done covers, but posted it and tried to pass it off as their own. I'll do my best to credit you on all of them, but I might still miss some…

Aibohphobe says:

I'm slipping through the cracks,of a dark eternity,with nothing but my hate,and a paralyzing agony.

池上光 says:


Rose “Kayla” Lovely says:

Malachite's Lullaby…

Hannah Prado says:

i really like the music box version
thank you for making this

Nichole Neil says:

who came here from lizz?

Danny Kyu says:

En 1.5 se escucha tan… WOW
nice u v u

Lees Windforce says:

That's the most beautiful tone thst I've ever heard.

jonathan reven says:

Put this up on itunes???

Kittstar says:

poof Flandre destroys everything and the world ends. Goodnight!

Aryanna Marquez says:

OMG Awesome Song????????????????

ღκυτεღ ღεςκιποღ says:

1.5 Speedis bae

jonathan reven says:

I wanna buy this song i would listen to it nonstop!!!!!!!

Michael Schwarz says:

Do you got more of these? (When I start to listen to it, I can't stop and repeat it till the end of the day, because it's so beautiful and calm.)

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