Backup and Restore your Apple Device with iTunes

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In this video i will show you how to save a complete copy of your apple devices using iTunes manual backup instead of using the icloud.

iTunes download:
iCloud login:


Zach Margaris says:

Hey Mr.Brown i just wanted to ask what i should do if that little pop up does NOT come down and my ipod does not show up at all. I am restoring an old ipod 1 and i would love it if you could contact me about this as soon as possible, thanks!!!

abdallah abualgasim says:

thx, you are the best

Alisa Rahung says:

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It's the best! Backup and Restore your Apple Device with iTunes

André Dienske says:

you should at least mention that iTunes does NOT backup or restore any music that was not bought in the iStore (your own CD's for example, or things you recorded yourself). On top of that, anything that is not available in iStore anymore will also be lost. Not even to mention things you downloaded anywhere else than in iTunes. Books are also known to disappear using this method (apple claims these are supposed to be one-time purchases and you cannot get them a second time without paying again)

78l we4 says:

Deleted voice memo and I still have the voice memo I deleted on my
itunes. Which means they automatically saved it on my pc. Why do they
always do this ? I can't even delete the voice memo. There is no delete
Itunes is an endless cycle of pain.
Can anybody keep replying to me to help me out ? I'm not gonna ask the official apple anymore.
I asked everywhere and can't find a clue how to use this stupid thing.

Sara Matilda says:

Very helpful and easy step by step-guide! 🙂 Even my dad managed to backup his phone, haha.

Potato Lord says:

If I restore the backup I made to my computer, will I still get my game data back?

XOTheOverdose says:

Can ANYONE help me? I'm trying to sync music from my library to my phone, however, I'm getting an error message every time I drag the song to my device. It always says that my device is synced to a different iTunes, but that isn't true. I've never synced to any other iTunes, let alone hook my device up to another laptop. I'm on Windows 7. It tells me I can get those songs on my device, but in order to do that, it'll delete the music already on my device and replace it with the ones in my library. I do not want music deleted from my phone. I just want to add music onto it from my library. Any advice for me?

john wickenden says:

Nice video very clear Steve

Kathryn-Victoria Smith says:

yes, 4 hours to backup but thank you it worked beautifully

Yaqoob AL.Yasi says:


Muhammad Zia says:

hi i did back up my phone but i can restore the backup it says error 54? could you help?

LeoIsLurking says:

Dear Steve, thanks for the nice video:
I have around 40 GB of data (apps, photos and videos… etc) on my iPhone, but when I did the backup, it's only 4 GB of size, so are my photos and videos got backed up?, and the backing up process compresses size by default?.

MagneticDoesMCPE says:

Thank u because i downgraded then i had to restore so thank you

Muhammad Ismail Shakir says:

thanks man, u are awesome!

Lawrence Medina says:

Shut up your wrong

Lawrence Medina says:

Dude your actually wrong, just thought i should let you know. Icloud backs up everything is just not visible when logging into the icloud website. If you use third party software you'd see that everything is backed up. Everything isn't visible because its raw data.

classicfilm says:

Once again these crooks known as ITunes  are conning and screwing their customers!!!! I want to add my music onto my Ipod but ITunes are blocking my attempts. Why the hell is this????

Kathleen Handy says:

Nice explanations! I will be showing your video in a class I teach.

420 TrickScopeZz 420 says:

Please help when I open iTunes it takes me to the iTunes Store when I don't want to and I have my phone plugged into the computer

Talia Rawlins says:

Can someone answer this asap ? If I use iTunes back up will my photos back up as well? Pleaseeeee helpppp

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