Apple’s New AirPods Ad – CONAN on TBS

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CONAN Highlight: The iPhone 7 is ditching the headphone jack, but Apple’s pretty sure their new wireless AirPods are sure to be a hit.

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S P 3 C T R E says:

I don't even own the damn things and I've already lost em.

Kridkorn Tangthanasirikul says:


Rialas says:

I haven't actually seen anyone wear them, unsurprisingly.

Oscar Luis says:

Metanse esos audifonos por el culo no mamen

Elizabeth Sepulveda says:

jajajaja niceee

Kael says:

Pretty funny, but still love my AirPods!

Promethean Productions says:

you reposted in the wrong apple device

Anuj Kumar says:

The specific ad parody is IPod – Are You Gonna Be My Girl

Yan Guy says:

ты поерял наушник!


Man you guys really think these will easily fall out the ear? They're shaped just like the ear pods which at least for me personally are the best designed in-ear headphones I've ever used. They swing right into place and stay there comfortably till I remove them.

socratese5 says:

Their headphones went from 30 dollars to 159.00!?!?
Tim Cook is on crack. Headphones have always been something you didn't think much about. Now we're supposed to go around worrying about our 159 dollar investment flying out of our ears and into the the dog's mouth? lol
What happens if you lose one will they charge you 75 for one? Gimme a break

O Khan says:

Awesome video lol

TSP says:

soooo true tho?

Fennec Besixdouze says:

My earbuds get knocked out of my ears several times a week. The vast majority of the time it's because the cord gets caught on something, but I wonder how often it would happen otherwise.

홍초향 says:

Conan is good idea.

Gail Cha says:

Seriously, this is rediculous…

BingBong Boopledoop says:

I was open to the AirPods right up until I learned they used Siri for volume control. WTF.

Clariece C says:

Can't wait until this revolutionary product releases!! That case is innovative as hell!!!
Thumbs up if you're buying!!

AnOnYmOux132 says:

and she keeps buying them thats sad…

DT_Tareg says:

Так в сё и будет.

Crazyjakes11 says:

Well ain't that true

zoiuduu says:

why americans think apple products are expensive? 160 dollars,,, urs minimum wage is 1200 dollars,,, in my country, the price for this thing would be equivalent at 1600 dollars,, MORE then a minimun wage, so stop bitching u already live in the best country of the world u suckers

The three frijoles says:

Hahaha so funny

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