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Apple’s dirty little tax secret
Tax avoidance Apple
Technology sector Apple

US senators and tax law professors have accused Apple of multi-billion-dollar tax avoidance — shifting billions of dollars of profits to Ireland where Apple has found a way to pay little or no tax. Apple boss Tim Cook disagrees. He insists there is no shifting going on, and that profits earned by Apple’s Irish operations are down to the hard work and expertise of almost 4,000 staff in Cork. The Guardian went to the Emerald Isle to test these competing claims

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The Tech Librarian says:

hey look real journalism, the us mainstream media has become nothing more than a lobbying arm

The Tech Librarian says:

hey look real journalism, the us mainstream media has become nothing more than a lobbying arm

Salahuddin Cook says:

Gay APPLE CEO Virus AIDSalahuddin

whitestriderable says:

3 years later Apple is still a avoiding most taxes…

Bredgy1009 says:

So when us little guy's don't pay our taxes on time we get harassed non-stop and threatened with heavy fines or even jail time, yet these scumbags who run these major multi-million/billion dollar businesses get away with all kinds of tax evasions. Is there any wonder economies around the World are on there knees.

Justin Robertson says:

No matter what tax laws u write rich people have lawyers who will find every weak loophole in the law. They are law hackers. Plus each nation has a different tax laws. Unless the world makes a common one this will continue to happen.

Matt Dathew says:

WOW, Apple is wise!

7691455abcd says:

No animal is obliged to pay tax in this world except human, if you can't find a way to avoid paying your tax, please dont blame other people who managed to found it!

Spartacus TheGreat says:

In the Cayman Islands you pay no tax whatsoever.

rkl08551 says:

that's the faPple …

Emanuel Ro says:

I'm happy they know how to avoid tax, but at the same time I'm pissed off that they don't contribute a single dime, like the rest of us do.

I despise it greatly!

Tonypec1974 says:

Great video boy. Finally some people that know the truth…. Multinational = Thieves……. WAKE UP … WAKE UP …..

James Lovering says:

This is no democracy !
No one law for all and all equal under the law.

The increasing wealth gap is becoming obscene and yet our economies are crumbling, its time for change to get some transparency and progressive government. Proper regulation and also proper jobs for consumers with a viable economic policy like MMT.

Stop the Elites stripping the productivity and social values form our lives. we have the innovation and labour lets use it.

Corporations have a social contract and if they are stripping profits/jobs out from an economy then we should evaluate the long term impacts.

~Nimble Navigator~ says:

Simple, lower the corporate tax rates.

Matt Nachtwey says:

The "invisible" holding company "Apple Operations International" remains UNTAXED on its profits (an amount equal to one-half of Ireland's total GDP, and obviously controlled by Apple's corporate headquarters in California). This fake company is nothing but a US tax avoidance scheme. Shame on Apple for its moral indecency. Shame on our Congressmen for permitting such gaping tax loopholes, when a janitor or secretary pays out a quarter to a third of their meager earnings.

umar luxat says:

Democracy = depravation.

John Benton says:

Makes you want to go out and buy lots of Apple products, dunnit?

XoXKyleXXX says:

Fuck Apple, and fuck the white girls who "can't even", and buy all the Apple products, even if they are the same thing, oh, and fuck Starbucks too, while I'm at it. And fuck that kid in Elementary School who stole my Gameboy, and fuck my ex for cheating on me 2 days after our anniversary. Fuck you for reading this entire thing, fuck me for wasting my life typing this, fuck this keyboard for allowing me to type this. Fuck.

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