Apple Watch Tesla Car app screencast by ELEKS (unofficial)

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A concept of how Apple Watch app for Tesla could look like.
Made with Apple Watchkit and Tesla API.
See detailed article at
For development inquiries please contact

Disclaimer: Tesla Motors Inc. was not involved and did not endorse neither author, nor Eleks Ltd. in experiments and application described in this article. TESLA logo and brand name were removed from this article under request of Tesla Motors Inc.


abateu says:

Cool app…but would be worth my time if you could remote start it too.

veryannoyingname says:

Looks like someone else made exactly the same app and submitted it to apple. See the demo in my Tesla playlist

ijustinhk says:

crap bg music

Denys Nevozhai says:

Looks good, but where is feedback on actions like honk or lights?
"Lags caused by actual Tesla API". Where is progress bar then?
Why not to decrease/increase values by swiping up/down or with crown?

The frenchy says:

i guess the updated version will have valley parking , once auto pilot is activated- 

Darren Susin says:

What's the music for this?

paramoreguate says:

Apple sucks. 

johnnyxp64 says:

now make an android waer version :P

Sun4Niebieskieoczy says:

Looking forward to buying 10 000 Teslas and 20 000 Apple watches – two for each of our employees 
in the meantime – Aloha from Hawaii – and more specifically the Diamond Head area, where the plans for my super project are being contemplated – with the Stars

scratch009 says:

Kitt, please engage hyper mode!

Calvin Klesmith says:

Almost makes me want a apple watch 

Dim Scrooge says:

хочу Теслу по доступной цене.

forcedflame says:

song gave me a headace

Zoe Summers says:

What an appallingly ill-considered UI.

You've got tiny tiny text and two / four on-screen buttons for 'up/down', when you should be making the digits / text larger and clearer, and using the digital crown for up and down.

When you have driver and passenger on the same screen the user should touch which of the two they want to control, which should 'hightlight' or 'enlarge' that selection and then the crown changes it.

Come on – this is basic UI/UX design… stop trying to use old fashioned modalities for a new type of device / screen.


If you're having real problems, hire me as this is what I do for a living…

R1ProductionHouse says:

Shit Music

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