Apple Watch Sport Gold Unboxing

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Nyana11 says:

what a crap type your shit password every time to watch time

Yasser gamer says:

Just subscribed

Priya S says:

That camera keeps going out of focus

tjdietz says:

I have the same one and I think it is one of the best things I have owned!! I really want a leather band, but they are $150????????

Antonio Lombardi says:

hello I have a golden apple watch sports 42mm straps advise me to put ?

Aisy Imayoi says:

What is your apple watch colour?? I want buy one but I don't know what color my iPhone colour is gold ????

saxman112 says:

I got one of these for Christmas, and I'm so happy I got it in this particular color combination! Just like the 6S, the gold color isn't gaudy-looking at all, and the midnight blue band compliments it perfectly and in my opinion, it looks better than just space gray/black combination.

the thec guy 1 says:

you must be useing nikon

Marlene martinez says:

I got the Apple Watch in rose gold for xmas. It was beautiful but I hate the fact that my parents wasted like $230. I'm returning it. Too much money. I hate when they spend loads of money on me. I'd rather get socks.


There is a normal gold sport watch in 38 millimeter as well, there is just a different band color

Hyung Lim says:

Love that your moms calls.

Daniel Smith says:

Ninja turtles

Dan Murphy says:

How did you get that color combo on your watch? I cant figure it out on mine.

Caleb & Ryker says:

I just ordered the Apple Watch Sport Gold 38mm, comes with an antique white colored band. I hope my fingers aren't too big… I've never actually seen the 38mm in person, I just used the Apple Store app to compare the size to my current smart watch. The 42mm jut seemed a little bit big to me.

bdawg a says:

It's 520 in Canada. So that's nothing. And that's not including tax

Gabe Sanchez says:

I have a silver sport now but am considering the gold. Who thinks it would be weird to wear gold everyday?

Daniel Lewis says:


ChangedPrism63 says:

Hey What Camera Is That? Oh Yea I Like Your Camera BTW

Vexelez says:

Hi 🙂 It`s a good video, but a tips is, please dont open the apple watch before you start the video because it is actually not entirely equal, and that is what most want to see. But good video thumbs up ;)

Bekrah says:

This is the model I'll probably go with. I was going to go with the stainless steel model but I'm concerned about it getting scratched easily.

Lars Ferrari says:

Haha $400, the 42mm is $470 dollars in Europe

N.J.A Production •apple addict• says:

very smart

Kai River Edler says:

I would do anything for one of these ANYTHING

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