Apple Watch (iWatch) 38mm Sport 2016 Review

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A full review of the Apple iWatch Sport 38mm. This one is refurbished which took $80 off the price.
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Adonis Ayoub says:

It's called Apple Watch , not iWatch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!👿😤

Rana Waqas says:

Hi guys..this watch Gray n white for lady's

30stmred 92 says:

I will describe this apple I watch sport, in a dead tone and make a sexist remark… Right at the beginning! You were almost there! Try again buddy!

Bruh._.Angela says:

It's called an Apple Watch sport 38mm not an iWatch sport and the 38mm is not only for women it can be for anybody with small wrist.

ʙᴇᴀᴛsᴋɪɴɢ says:

you don’t fucking call it iwatch IT”S APPLE WATCH STUPID

Sam B says:

What is an "Apple iWatch Sport?!!" It's called an Apple Watch. And 38mm is not only for women, it can be for men, and people that have small wrists, just the way a woman can wear a 42mm watch.

Fluffy Hime says:

if only it wasn't apple…

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