Apple Watch is Conceptually Flawed

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Sure, it may look like the coolest thing out of Cupertino as of late, but I think that Apple has the Apple Watch all wrong. Should the device intend to be a primary input device? Should the Apple Watch carry such a premium price tag? Does the lack of IP67 certification hurt the device? That’s what I’ll talk about in today’s rant.


Reefarlane says:

At first I thought the watch was something unnecessary to have. However, even though you don't need it, it is a nice luxury. I can picture myself using in many situations, and it's easier to check your watch than a phone. Apple watch does have gorgeous hardware, and I do want one. Can I live without it? Definitely. Nevertheless, it's a nice extension to your phone.

John Finnie says:

I bet he's got one under his sleeve lol

Daniel Sultana says:

I think that the high price is on purpose so that future generations of the apple watch won't seem too expensive. (if they were to price the 1st gen at 150 which you figure is worthy of the device, than they won't be able to price the 2nd gen at 350, even if it were worthy of the price, with the current pricing, they can get away with making a 2nd gen worthy of 350 but actually priced at 450)

Rumble In The Jungle says:

Is it just me or is Apple really starting to stumble. This watch, the new Macbook… while cool concepts should have stayed at the concept stage. They used to be really awesome at marketing and knew when they had a great product that people wanted. Now they're coming out with stuff that is badly thought out and just ok… basically they're slowly becoming like the rest of the tech manufacturers.

Taylor Brost says:

people buy a Rolex because they hold value, same reason to buy expensive art.. Apple Watch will lose value in a year when the tech is old. plus a Rolex is solid gold, not just the shell

Plutot Crever says:

A totally independant watch (no cellphone in the pocket) with phone capabilities, solid and waterproof, with the possibility to change the battery if needed (so you can carry 2 batts) and bullshit and bloatware kept to a minimum might take the market by storm. But this description I just made is the perfect opposite of Apple.

Vikas Goyal says:

I think best smart watch is pebble

stephen D says:

Some people can't pay for food to survive, and some people are debating if they want a little watch that costs the same amount of money of a tv.

arKiteX3 says:

I still find it bizarre that people see the iPad as a game changer. Tablet devices have (almost) always been so locked down and consumption-centric that every tablet I've bought has rapidly devolved into a glorified e-reader with a fraction of the battery life. Even my phone is little more than a resource driving my Pebble smartwatch, notifying me when I receive an email or SMS to respond to when I get to a device with a proper keyboard, and on rare, reluctant occasion a map or web browser. To call that a "game changer" seems excessive to me.

Aggr3ss1vePanda says:

Square Ipod nano, for $150… Enough said.

Mostafa Muhammad says:

$5000 watch? You underestimated Apple, Dear Sir :D

Criticas y Reflexiones says:

1,274 apple fanboys wanted to hear the opposite.

kevin osborne says:

Not to mention it looks like a girls watch……

Michelle Lopez says:

I think you are right for the price it should at least be waterproof. I have been saving the money to buy my own apple watch and i haven't bought one yet, I am waiting for them to make some improvements to the model!

louville314 says:

+snazzylabs Android wear is compatible w apple now

Euan McMurtrie says:

This is so on point it is rediculous! and your guess was good at $5000 but now it's out it is $10000

Single Sweet And Sassy says:

It'll be surely nonsense but you look sooooo much better with a beard and you look soooooo much different (sorry but in a bad way) worse.

Don't cut your beard NEVER EVER AGAIN!!! :)

hotdognobun says:

All you haters sound like Steve Ballmer who diss the first Iphone. Now look at where Apple sits. Apple is not for everyone just like those who buy brand name cloths. Some wear Diesel some wear Wranglers. Apple is no forcing no one to buy there product. They just prove that theirs a lot who complain just don't have money

Jordan Glabb says:

This guy should sign up to be apart of the apple os design because obviously he understands the product more than apple themselves do.

MrBarosxp says:

u like it or not soon the watches will dominate..

Reese Me says:

applewatch 2: more crap features = same $350
applewatch 2X: more crap features + front camera + ip65 = $499
lets see if i'm right

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