Apple Watch: How to power on, off, and hard reset

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We show you how to do the basics, power on, and power off. But did you know that you can hard reset (force reboot) the Apple Watch just like the iPhone and iPad?

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Chipotle Penguin says:

U saved my life with the hard reset. Thank u so much! ☺️

Jaikishan Jha says:

I need some help i forgot my apple id and my watch need it for pairing so what should i do

Omar Kerr says:

thanks alot, my watch was turning and this really helped

Frank Bishop says:

Thank you

Goose Page says:

Thank you for your video my apple watch just stop working si hard reset it and it came back on Thank you so much

Pepsi Cola says:

My watch is stuck on charging mode please help

ThatsSoGiorgio says:

Thank you! My watch randomly turned off today and I thought maybe it was dead, but it was at about 70% when I last checked before it shut down. I just force reset and it's all good no. It was weird.

Kathy Givens says:

Thanks, it worked!

Carolyn Wilkinson says:

Thank you, Jeff, this is just what I needed. The complete reboot worked well.

Vivian Lyons says:

Thank you Jeff for doing the long way of hard reset

GetWrecked PvP says:

I wonder if You hard reset the watch, Will it fix the effective power glitch? Please reply if you know.

tazrag says:

i think restarting any device will make it a slow boot. i find shuttung the device off then turning it on makes faster boot up. i know this cause if your a windows user u will deff understand were im coming from.

Nahid Islam says:

Is it possible to jailbreak an  Watch if iOS 8.3 is jailbreakable. 

Ethan Humphrey says:

Next up, how to put your apple watch into DFU mode (if it exists)

Josh Hayes says:

Only 3 videos on the apple watch jeff? I was expecting 10 minimum

Farhan Pasha (‫باشا‬‎) says:

2nd comment!

Aviv Miron says:

Next Up: How to open a Macbook's lid

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