Apple Watch Hands-on 2015

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SlashGear’s hands-on with the new Apple Watch.



stop complaining about a free video.  if you want to get a real review and in-depth look/feel at this product, get up and go to one of your local apple stores n check it out! peace

Kevin Punter says:

I'll come back when your camera operator learns how to maintain focus

Paul “Animus” Driftmier says:

Holy shit man, what is the issue with your camera and focusing? That is really bad… Turn on manual focus or something, seriosuly


Can't wait till I get my hands on this watch

Sam Sam says:

At&t rep reported their will be a extra $10 charge for Apple watch users on their phone bill. 

Ben Westwood says:

Great run through but by far the worst camera work I have ever seen. They would have been better off to film it on an iPhone. Competing lighting but jesus, my eyes actually hurt from it.

Raphael Morgenshtern says:

Honestly over my years I've thought that Apple was just for style. I saw the Samsung Gear s the viewed screen is uncomfortable and the look and gui are just disgusting apple added more features and functionality they have one by a mile this time

J.Santos says:

i like apple..but the apple watch is not for me
im staying with my Casio :))))

Fred Deng says:

the wifi speed in that conference room though….

Donovan Parks says:

I'll just wait til Black Friday. ????

Jimmy Noonan says:

people shouldn't be so down on this thing. if you don't want it, don't buy it. is it expensive? hell yes, does it look worth it? it depends on who you are, but you can't say that it doesn't look good

christian george says:

This watch is waste.. I have an iPhone 6 plus.i don't need this. But the mickey mouse dial is cool tho

christian george says:

Hold the camera still a-hole. Very annoying.get a good camera 

Dobriy Her says:

Next time try to use camcorder which can actually keep the subject in focus during recording

Irving Leal says:

The guy who's recording doesn't know how to focus -.- 

Carinne Bird says:


Jose Solorzano says:

My goodness! You need to learn how to keep that camera focused!

Doudymac says:

Because pulling out my iphone to do all that is sooo much hard work. 

Danny de Visser says:


James 15 (KNGjms15) says:

kinda puts james bond to shame

Guy Singer II says:

Dam Apple why do you gotta make your shit so expensive 

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