Apple Watch gets Nike integration

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Apple partners with Nike on a newly designed fitness-focused smartwatch.

The new Apple Watch Series 2:
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Aiden Lee says:

Does this Watch alert us by saying go and run if u didn't like run in a while?

Aiden Lee says:

Does this model have access to the menu where it shows like all the apps just like Apple Watch 2?

Josh flores says:

you know, I don't know if this is a good idea or not. as a Runner I can say that my Garmin has taken a beating and it's still ticking, it would be a shame to accidentally slip and fall and crack your screen for 400$ while you can get yourself a Garmin Forerunner 15 for about 200$ and have a good watch for years.

Joe Grundy says:

Can you use the regular watch faces with the Nike version or does it only come with the 2 nike ones???

janardhan shirke says:

can. yiu. please. give. me. the. apple. watch. please

Deadpool Wilson says:

can you change nike software to watch os?

Daniel Pugh says:

Can you still use the normal watchOS faces?

Edgardo vera says:

do you need an iPhone to get this watch?

Tristan Dupale says:

When this nike came out??? same date for Iphone 7 and 7 plus release?

Tristan Dupale says:

Is this have messege, phone call and other apps this Nike watch series 2??? Like normal apple watch

Mike Corpuz says:

So I can buy the Nike Apple Watch and still buy different bands..right? Oh and I was wondering if they had a stop watch lol

islam nassar says:

Is that the 38 or 42 mm model in the video ?

Stabek99 says:

Does the Apple Watch Nike Plus model have the ordinary applewatch watchfaces, or does it only have the nike watchfaces?

vittogol says:

I need a serious review before buying this wathc. Does it have pace lap or only actual and average pace? Does it have actual average HR? Can I customize what I want to see when I go for a run like a normal Garmin watch?

Mahir Uddin says:

That does look really good. ??

M83 Collective says:

just buy the series 1 and wait for the nike straps to drop, buy one and boom, you have a Nike Apple Watch

WaskiMarcin15 says:

Is this Apple Watch on your wrist 38 or 42 size?

S0meWhiteKid says:

Would you be able to change the watch faces to something you (or just I) actually want or no?

Mike Roe says:

Also, the only problem is your still needed to connect your phone for calls and text anything useful forget about gps. Your still tethered.

Mike Roe says:

The bands are what people want to buy to coordinate with shoes not a specific apple Nike watch lol

Unico Nails says:

can this watch use other apps like the original watch? like messages,music, and all the other apps?

Sir Hobbes says:

is all the nike stuff permanet? like will I get constant alerts saying HEY GO RUN YOU FAT ASS or there are 50 people running near you join them fat ass, i just want to workout when I want but I really want the nike version cause of the arm band lol

SHUNKI says:

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NITO 96 says:

will it have the classic watch faces too?

konacoffeeisgood says:

I do not understand, is the only thing special about it is watchband? Can you not get these Nike+ apps / features in the series 2 Apple Watch?

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