Apple Watch gets new designs with Nike and ceramic versions (CNET News)

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At its September event, Apple unveiled new versions of the Apple Watch, including a ceramic design and a Nike design for runners.

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DarklordVidz says:

Just made a indepth review u may find useful!

Jason Johnson says:

Funny thing is I bought a Note 7, I replaced it with iPhone 7 plus with one thought In my mind…. This watch.

Joey Zuraski says:

You know what isn't shocking, is if you were reading the live comments section on the Apple YouTube page. They flooded that comment board with so much racism, my goodness. I even recorded 2 minutes of everyone posting hate crime.

Tina Love says:

Does it still have the Apple Watch features? Or is it only apart of the Nike app?

Corbin Makes Vlogs says:

CNET why export in 1080i? :(


Boo Apple i Don't Care About These Little Gimmicky Gadgets ( US PRO's NEED A NEW UPDATED MAC PRO ) Your Blowing it Man''

Sir Hobbes says:

is the nike+ interface customizable? cause I like the design better for that watch but im not very active * i only run and jog*

Ruhban Ahmed says:

It looks like he needs the Nike modifications more than anyone! Not really an appropriate person to show off Nike stuff.

GreenApples_K says:

Dose it track your steps all the time like the Nike fuel band or do you have to start everything…

Ricky Riccardo says:

So is this just for running or can you download apps to track your fitness? If it's only running, not worth it.

Andros Dareios says:

To be honest it looks like a nice idea a Nike apple watch but i am the only one that thinks the band sucks?

MrSulastomo says:

It's amazing, I just worry about battery life.

Jeff Strongman says:

How much is the Nike +?

Ian Fitzharris says:

…the belly on Phil though.

Lukasz Szkutak says:

apple ceramic now only 1000 dollars BUT it 4 Times harder than steel.

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