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The Apple Watch is here and we’ve created a FULL TUTORIAL to show you how to use it, pair it with your iPhone, navigate around the Apple Watch, and more. Basically, if you just bought an Apple Watch, this is the video for you! We will be releasing a full review of the Apple Watch in a separate video.

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aniccadance13 says:

I'm trying to pair manually as no matter what i do it doesn't work the automatically.. can't find any videos showing how to pair manually..

Tim Loversky says:

Super useful video! I jumped in and tried a bunch of things before watching the video, so this helped build a stronger foundation of knowledge. But one thing… for the love of all that is good, let those fingernails grow out!

Barbara says:

Really easy to understand. Thank you.

David Maldonado says:

Very Helpful love the class….

Hunter says:

is this 42mm?

Major Bonnie says:

Many thanks–I learned on-line.

Cathy Cameron says:

Still helpful, but now with the newer OS it's a bit dated.

Britney Sullivan says:

Does anyone know if you can have group messages on the Apple Watch?

Mattson McCraw says:

All that running on a tiny battery!

Denise Benkovich says:

this was great, I have had my watch for about 5 months and didn't know how to do a lot of the stuff you covered in this segment. Thank you,

Mike Graham says:

One comment. The passcode feature is instrumental in using Apple Pay. It insures no one can make payments by stealing your watch.

Terry Singh says:

The photo album sync to watch is handy if you want to make faces. I use camera roll, and put pics I want to use as watch face there.

eman6343 says:

Dam…his eyes are sweet…lucky ass nigga😫😤

Alex Yallop says:

Great vid, thank you

Cameron Brito says:

it doesn't have a gps

Chip Stanley says:

Great video!  Hope to see more on the iWatch.

Flavz says:

Cool video but your nails are rank brother. 😂

Qadesh says:

Great tutorial.  Thanks!

Lynn Vegas says:

Why wouldn't you want a passcode on something tied to your apple pay, email, contacts, etc. My guess is you think it functions like it does on the phone but you actually only need to enter it when putting it on….so once a day. Definitely necessary.

Lemuel L E John says:

You have help me so much man. THANKS!

florentino garcia says:

Thanks Apple Watch – TUTORIAL

Jeffrey B says:

Good video! I've watched numerous other vids as well. I now know this watch is a colossal waste of money.

Gary Raphael says:

Great Job! I ordered the iWatch and expect to receive it early part of June.  I enjoy all of your training videos.


i love your videos your the man!

Susan Giliberti says:

Excellent introductory to the iWatch.  Am eager to see your review in the near future.

Ximena Perez says:

Just as I thought to myself "I can't use this watch, I can barely see it!" You showed the Voiceover and zoom settings.
You are good!
Is there Bluetooth on the watch? Just thinking for phone calls or even listening to music.  
Thanks for the preview!

Melissa Skillens says:

hmmm interesting so you go through all the trouble teaching people how to use the watch but say nothing about whether it's worth getting one or not. I'm sorry I guess I want to know your opinions on the watch itself, not how to simply use it.

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