Apple Watch Demo

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A demo of the new Apple Watch.


MrProTechHD says:

$400 is overprices $300 for the 42mm is high enough

Alicia Sanchez says:

No salgo de mi asombro acerca de la estupidez de la gente. No puedo entender que alguien quiera comprar este aparatejo. Es el tamagochi del siglo xxi. Apple está perdiendo el norte.

JTENG Ann says:
i bought a screen case here to protect my apple watch,i think you also need it

Lewis Eric says:

i think my watch is more beautiful, and i buy it here

Jamed Gaefcke says:

its another garbage for no need technology

zara hussain says:

Im gna get one in pink but 42m cna wait i think its beta den the moto 360

zara hussain says:

Wow dtas the 38 m one i thought it was 42m lol imagine how big the 42m is gna be

zara hussain says:

Ermmmmm its a watch

myxmytosis says:

What next, the ibrain, replace your brain with one lol

Zane Wallach says:

Did anyone notice that the friends screen is now different?

Ben Roberts says:

As much as I dislike Apple, I must admit… This is pretty impressive.
Maybe this could be a spiritual successor to the Pokétch?

If any other company is trying to make a smart watch, these're likely to get me interested:

– Physical buttons
– Not sleek (like the original Nintendo DS)
– Medium-sized resistive touch screen (with a stylus. I hate capacitive/finger-based touch screens)
– PC connection

…Not that any user reading this has to take any of these seriously. I'm just speaking my mind.

Marco Joe says:

Perpetuumoon Smart Watch concept

Andrea Emmerling says:

Shut up and take my money????????

Leiming Shao says:

This demo shows nothing meaningful.

Harvey Lelliott says:

What type of potato was this recorded with

Brian C says:

Apple watch is for fags.

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