Apple Watch Continual Heart Rate Monitoring Overview

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abdulla al maskery says:

Well Apple Watch heart rate is very very inaccurate, tried many placements on my wrist but no use

Solution : pair a heart strap (polar H7) when u work out

Matthew Sharan says:

What's that app called?

Jimmy Jacksonian says:

As far as the skips go, Apple says it doesn't do background heart rate checks while you are moving, because they would be less accurate. Who knows…

T Fagan says:

how do you find this? so not helpful

John Hudson says:

How do you get the heart rate in the first place?

Simon Edwardes says:

Free app here to try for viewing the heart rate data

Paul de Saint-Rat says:

I occasionally get false readings too and I have to ask the watch to measure my pulse too. Often it works. I'm not sure why it does what it does. 

HighIntensityLI says:

Would like to hear your thoughts on a purchase recommendation between the Apple Watch sport and the Garmin Fenix 3?

Saman Mahjoob says:

can i pair this HR monitor with my Garmin Edge?

Kevin Christopherson says:

Huge fan of your site, but how could you possibly post this review without even double checking the function of the sensor?  I'm sure you know NOW that to get 3-5 second HRM recordings, you need to be in a workout mode.  Just a couple taps and boom, continuous and extremely accurate recording just like any other HRM device.  And another cool note is that Jeff Williams VP of Apple, said he's a cyclist and strava is getting full access to the sensors after WWDC next week, for the SDK.  On top of that, they may be getting FDA approval soon to use the integrated o2 blood level sensor.  So to wrap up, if anyone see's this video as it was suggested to me,  Apple Watch takes your pulse every 10 minutes throughout the day, and every 5 seconds during any workout mode within Activity app.  This all gets recorded in your Health App on iPhone and can be exported to a spreadsheet, and soon directly written to 3rd party apps.  Just thought I'd clear it up as there are no annotations on this video :)

Mozart Hasan (İthorozu) says:

Speak slowly baby, calm down.

TheTypeRTheory says:

Weird, you'd think the faster the heart rate the easier it would be to pick up.

Matt York says:

I've been testing my Apple Watch against my usual running watch – a TomTom cardio multi-sport. It's been within 1-2 BPM all the time. Maybe you have a duff unit Ray.

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