Apple Watch apple iwatch sport unboxing

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Apple Watch sport unboxing 1st look

Apple Watch sport unboxing

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Apple Space Gray 42mm Sport Watch with Space Gray rubber band Bracelet Unboxing

I just got this in and thought I needed to share the unboxing experiance with you guys.
I like to see how companies package and to what extent they go thru to give a total ownership experience.

I will do a review and comparison later with the Apple 38mm Stainless Steel with Link Band.
That way you can see just how they look outside of the Apple store.

The Apple Watch is a big new release for the company.

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Metal Band


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Best Watch on the market.

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Malo boy says:

Your litterly made of money if you went out to buy this crap

Ricardo Filipe says:

why are u shacking

ramel gealon says:

Wow that's cool

Meredith Mazutis says:

Does it cost extra money to have your phone connected to phone meaning service cost

Ayden Leppert says:

Tare the spare Apple Watch band packaging in half, and there should be a $100 rebate

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