Apple Unveils the iPad – New York Post

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Raw Video: Steve Jobs shows off the “iPad,” a computer tablet for the Apple.


rcrockslod says:

this thing looks just like those mini computers in japan

elizaakababyd says:

i got a ipad , my dad got me one . i dont even use it , i just get on my
laptop, so i let my dad have it . ppl just stick with a laptop ,it’s the
samething as ipad. n ipad can break easy,it dont have protection so when u
drop it the screen would crack ! or if u have a ipod touch just stick with
that. i’m just saying it was kind of a waste money:)

20juli2008 says:

yeah it looks boring and senseless.

Brian Fondaco says:

they are so unprofessional and stupid for not putting a cam on that….wont
buy it.

Maxcloudy says:

umm yea…i’m just gonna wait for the 2nd generation xD I never like first
gen design of any electronic device

ShaneDawsonYT says:

iPad Cons (The Bad) 1) Too big 2) Very similar to the iPhone/touch 3)
People can see what your doing on the iPad in public 4) Predators will want
to steel it 5) Majority of the people want to carry smaller and more
portable device, not big pieces of cardboard in their hands 7) Price is too
high, just buy a netbook or laptop for less and have even more
features/capabilities. 8) No protection. If you drop it, the screen can
crack, get scratched, put it in a nonworking state. COPY/PASTE IF AGREE!

dadumbazz says:

Now I want them to release the iDiaper. It should be a 50′ flat screen tv
that you can use it just like the ipad ^^ Any1 has magnifiers? I need them
because I sold all mines as ipod’s upgrades to convert into ipads Releasing
a labtop at the same price… now that would’ve been something for apple.
They can’t do good products that are at affordable/reasonable prices. Their
stuffs are always overpriced and worth nothing then next month.

JonnoXD says:

what a useless contraption. “HEY! GUYS! I GOT THE BEST IDEA!” “…what bob.
thats what we’ve been doing the whole 3 hours we’ve been here.” “WEEEEELL!
idea is so terrible it actually just might work!” ‘LETS DO IT!” “yeah just
let me shoot up again first.”

Nicholas Tagison says:

@VanesaAnghzm yeah right, PISS OF NO ONES THAT RETARDED.

dcortes92 says:

what’s this for?

smileTCsmile says:

Revolutionary? Where?

socceroo117 says:

More likely what’s the point? It’s a bigger version of the ipod touch that
you can’t carry in your pocket and isn’t as good as a proper laptop

patzauer says:

@Meglo56 seriously, are you stupid or something why would the creator of
apple lie about something like that?

kafsaerio says:

nice lil gadget. i just love the tall aspect ratio(16:9 is just fail for
reading stuff -aka netbooks).but its too expensive,even if they did cut
corners(probably the wrong ones). maybe Jobs should of waited the next gen
of SOCs, or maybe he’s doing the right thing by jumping in early and
improving on a iPad:Next.

zoticus1 says:

Look at these Corporate slave idiots going to see this contrived asshole
talk about the latest piece of useless shit product and how it will fill
the growing void in their prostituted lives of consumerism. Fuck Steve Jobs
and his turtleneck wearing ass,

Maaatsi says:

useless piece of junk

kyle folsted says:

can u run mac osx

ComradeSlice says:

@kheorider The first time I saw an iPod touch, I thought “this would be a
lot better, if they made a bigger one”. Few years later…

B1SCOOP says:

I’d rather get netbook with windows on it

YuvalM says:

don’t be an apple..

gordon oneill says:

@eatingcatshit ummm retarted windows 7 fanboy i guess? anways most
everybody agrees windows 7 is shit on tablets. OS X i didnt even mention
which is superior to windows 7. i bet u havnt even tried os x truthfully
because lion is so much better than windows. have u seen windows 8? ahaha.
idk why u anti-apple people come here. to hate? but i am not an apple
fanboy, i just have an ipad and have used honeycomb and windows 7 tablets
and i like the ipad better as do most americans.

FreeIpad2TestNow says:

A UK designer has unveiled his latest creation. Now is the solid-gold iPad
Supreme Edition, worth around £129,995 (NZ$269, 592), which gives you
Wi-Fi, 3G, 64GB – and a whole lot more. Encrusted with 25.5 carats of
flawless diamonds, 53 of the gems “dwell beautifully in their solid 22ct
Apple logo”, according to seller Simon Hughes. The rear and screen surround
are made from a single piece of solid 22ct gold, weighing 2.1kg. And it is
reported that Only 10 of the units will be made.

cwd0904 says:

wow you all hate on the ipad because you dont want to see anything so
flawless succeed. The iPad revolutionizes how to view and interact with the
web, with the easiest mouse of all, your finger. And keep in mind you are
leaving your apple hatespeech on the youtube comment boards, where onlyfat
tubs of horseshit like yourselves go. IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT DON’T WATCH THE

Live From The Grave says:

I think ill wait a few months after it comes out to buy one Like everything
else apple something goes wrong with it but then they fix it lol so ill wait

jmuhobo says:

Why is it not an alternative? I think if Academic book publishers truly
want to explore the IPAD as an Ereader then they will have to develop their
own applications for it. Kinda like a web ebook portal. You can have your
book,highlight certain areas, have quizes, slides, videos, glossary etc etc
all in a single unit. I won’t say this will fail just yet, but it will
really depend whether or not software developers make the effort to create
unique apps for this thing.

taysirk says:

Please put a camera 🙁 PLEASE!

wutang1999 says:

“Steve : so.. this is what it looks like.. Crowed: ( total silence .. ) “

moonruff zopa says:

@gordononeill1012, haha, typical retarded apple fanboy comment. Also
windows 7 which is superior to osx is already on tablets. Also I don’t care
if ipad has sold millions as I realize there are millions upon millions of
idiots in this world. And I do hate it. In fact I’d like to take one, bend
it until the screen cracks and little bits of plastic fall out of it.

C Jack says:

@gordononeill1012 >thinks OSX is superior to windows seven

yeomanrycavalry says:

So, in order to load applications, music, photos, and videos onto the iPad,
you have to lug around a netbook or notebook too? This makes the iPad
completely useless for the traveler then. Furthermore, you can’t Skype on
it because there’s no camera so that’s another dealbreaker. The
multitasking will be fixed in Q4 2010, but it’s just not enough. Apple’s
shortsighted vision of this tablet when all netbooks boast USB ports,
cameras, file sharing, file downloading, etc. is just plain stupid.

taysirk says:

Hey I have a camera on my air mac, so surely they could of added a

yeomanrycavalry says:

No flash, No multitasking, No ability to move files, No camera, No deal!!
You are so much better off with an HP 5101 Touch Screen Netbook. Apple,
iPAD is all hype and will be an epic fail after the novelty wears off.

Cyberlezgirl says:

iTrash, iUseless…

skittlesareme says:

This is one of the worst computers I’ve ever seen…@.@

brewskhee says:

Just so you know I own a MacBook w/OSX, a tablet with Windows XP, a laptop
with Windows 7 and Linux, and a PC with Linux and Windows 7. I use
different ones for different things. Like browsing the internet is for my
Mac. Programming is usually on either Linux computers. And gaming/work is
on Windows 7. My tablet was used when in class back in the day. However, I
have never worked at any place that doesn’t use Windows for its work
(except servers which are usually Linux).

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