Apple Smartwatch coming soon?

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Rumor has it Apple is working on a Bluetooth 4.0-enabled smart watch and could even launch the device as early as the first half of this year. This is according to the latest rumor originating from supply chain sources in China. There isn’t much to back up the report’s claim that Intel is collaborating with Apple on the device (perhaps Intel has competitive mobile chips on the way? Or the whole thing might be B.S.), but there is a lot going for the prospect of an Apple smart watch in 2013.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard the rumors. In December 2011, The New York Times published an article that noted a “very small group of Apple employees had been conceptualizing and even prototyping some wearable devices.” One of those ideas was apparently a “curved-glass iPod” that users would wear on their wrists and control with Siri.

Evidence from patents exists as well, such as this liquid metal patent, another for a cellular antenna, and many more that mention integrating features into an iPod nano-like wristwatch form factor. Apple also recently refreshed the iPod nano lineup back to the longer, rectangle shape of previous iPods, giving it a 2.5-inch display and moving away from the small, 1.5-inch square design introduced with the sixth gen. The ability to purchase watch straps for the square, sixth-gen nano was a major feature for many customers, so the move back to a rectangle, 2.5-inch nano could indicate Apple is making room for a full-fledged nano watch in the near future.

Apple is clearly experimenting with the form factor, the question is what will it have to do to make a captivating iWatch experience and create a new product market? And is that early 2013 launch realistic?…

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Pinsnowes says:

I come of the furute and i know :D

D Wetick says:

When things get smaller, they get harder to use…unless you can shrink yourself to an appropriate size…take a hint Mr Cook.

SeamusO85 says:

They need to make it like the Galaxy Gear. Just take everything from your phone and turn it into a watch. Text, answer calls, go on all apps. Stuff like that.

Cameron Smith says:

I saw a nook symble n

rizwan saleem says:

Can we call from it

Cooldude0527 says:

can't wait for Samsung's buttox to be kicked

e1108educ says:

water resistant should always be included like the sony smartwatch2 for people with an active lifestyle.


If there is FaceTime in it people will say is that boy crazy talking to his watch

luis simbana says:

all i can say is that if apple does make a 1.5 inch smartwatch like the other ones out there it will be pointless to buy or wear one of those stupid looking watch. Samsung had a nice curved smartwatch concept, but instead they came out with that stupid square watch, SUCKS

arthur staal says:

this time it looks like apple is copiyng someone else together with samsung…….(its sony in case you dont know)

Kevin Rodriguez says:

Face time on watch jes

Oliver Hutter says:

How mach dis ?

Abdullah Hussain says:

I think it have seet wormers

Fussel fresser says:

I dont like Apple, what brings me here ??

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