Apple Smart iWatch Rumors (What it Could Look Like) & Transparent Smartphones!

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Apple Smart iWatch Rumors & Transparent Smartphones!

Apple iWatch Rumors:

See-through Smartphones!

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Joel John says:

mokka watch

Joel John says:

mokka watch

JIM LOLE says:

lmao off yeah right apple is so far behind in technology its hilarious same phone every time no personalization same boring squares same crappy a6 processor iPhone 5s
records high definition but the display is not capable of playing high definition lol .Retina display lol just a fancy name to entice stupid college kids that have their parents money to spend to buy this junk way overrated just like our government lol their trying to help us right …. america is ass backwards these days i swear.

james sky says:

galaxy already has a watch like that called

manace freeman says:

thats so aswome

Profaceman Nanthavongsa says:

U won't even see anything

Profaceman Nanthavongsa says:

Who cares about transparent

Joseph Richa says:

can it make calls like iphone? if so i might just might buy apple again

edelag1 says:

Another guy just talking……. Show me the Damm watch.

Halo Reach says:

lol the add is an i'm watch

omerbigdog says:

We are going to be like dick tracy

Kerr McNicol says:

you can get the ipod shuffle and apple makes a watch attachment…

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