Apple Remote App (Review and Setup)

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A review and setup of the Apple Remote App.

Free in the Appstore.

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Gilberto Holli says:

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Genevieve Burke says:

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David Thomas says:

shit didnt work you suck

BeerGogglesGamer says:

This app is sub par and counter intuitive. Why do you need a separate app to control music from phone to your itunes? I don't need Spotify, and "Spotify remote" applications to control music from my iPhone to the Spotify software on my CPU. This feature should be built into into itunes its self, just like where you press the airplay button to select Apple TV, or other audio options, "my macbook pro needs to be an option.."" And no support for Apple Music, really? This is a lazy and counter intuitive app to a feature, that should be standard. If spotify and pandora can do it, then there is no excuse why Apple cant. And this is three years ago too.

smart gus says:

if you still want to continue to use the Apple Remote (ergonomics it much better, no need to look at the phone screen) with Mac without integrated IR receiver, you can use SmartGUS Receiver.

inthetreetops says:

great video, i just used this to figure out how to use it, ty

meek dope says:

it works perfectly. why so many dislikes? tooo many idiots on the internet

ubvic studios says:

it does not work anymore

Kirei Edwards says:

Doesnt work

Ben Karpinski says:

Ausraf Ali's library

djBassTard says:

Hi.When I connect my iPhone to the PC it only shows my device and there is no Remote icon.Please help.
Thank you.

jim nugg says:

u basically should find better things to do in ur spare time cause this is clearly not ur forte

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