Apple PowerBook G4 Titanium

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Like new, built in 2001.


The Random Gamer says:

That intro is so idiotically weird

compactc9 says:

I'd never recommend using WEP for anything, I'd always recommend WPA, its much safer.

SkipSpotter says:

Listening to you talk about the design flaws makes me very curious how a company such as Apple, or any distinguished electronics company, actually test their products prior to giving the release the go ahead. Ive had some various products in the past such as mobile phones, and those awful WindowsCE early 2000 mini notebooks go wrong due to bad design, but the above laptop issues you point out are actually really bad. Ive seen a youtube video of a phone factory in China, and was amazed at there having actual machines in use which are quite literally for the purpose of opening and closing, and drop testing the finished devices. So, how could apple have released this above laptop with the design flaws. They MUST surely hve known that over time the product has fail points. Is it possible that these are done consciously to bring in ore revenue

Daniel Arcure says:

it really bothers me that the display frame is smaller on this then a new MacBook Pro it's a really good look

jmdawson says:

The outer frame is also titanium! It is not plastic.

nicky Uann says:

The original MacBook Air has a port door. So your mistaken about this powerbook being the last to have a port door. The original MacBook Air came out in 2008.

Sebi's Random Tech says:

You talking about how everyone in your school having a Dell Latitude or an iBook G3 while you had the old Zenith made me laugh. It's the same for me now, everyone else has a MacBook or some fancy Windows laptop, while I'm here with my trusty old ThinkPad R51. 😀

TechBaron, Cameras and more! says:

u got 2 years on my system. according to mactracker. mine. is a FW800 15 inch from 2003 all silver (:!!!! spcc model is A1046. famous PowerPC 7447 architecture! 166mhz FSB . full weight is 5.6lb. currently running 10.5.8. the systems codename was Q16. insanely powerful Radeon 9600 by ATI. single core badass!!! thy keyboard lights up 2 (:

TechBaron, Cameras and more! says:

PowerBook G4 !! 1.25 ghz 1 gb ram no chime 2nd ddr slot is a common fault i guess.??< still edit my blog on this thing..Beasty 480p for the win

TechBaron, Cameras and more! says:

im chillin on my PPC 2004 via camino…sup guys. flash works fine on 240p lol

galaxymaster says:

Your intro is like a acid trip gone wrong

David Wark says:

you can get a PC Card wireless card for those. or just not worry about it since i feel that you are only keeping it because of how cool they were and not usability.

Carl Hezel says:

ok try iTunes 9.2.1

Cedar Maxwell says:

You are wrong about how this was the last Apple laptop with a port door. The first MacBook Airs had a door.

eetu53 says:

16:06 First i watched you somehow have yosemite on it 😀 Because that dock.

Joe Beesley says:

anyone know how to fix the hinges on one of these??

thequestionmaniac a.k.a OffGuel says:

I remember this was my dads computer, and we still have it

TimeCode Mechanics says:

I dropped one of these on concrete. It cracked the housing bad. I pressed the on button and it came right back on. I was shocked. I used it until it finally died about a year later.

O Khan says:

I still use an original Titanium PowerBook G4 today! I know 2015!!! But, it still works like a charm on OS X 10.3.2 panther

Cora Taylor says:

I realize this is an old video, but what I did to circumvent security incompatibilities, is just use MAC Address Filtering.

orbithesun1 says:

I don't know what the F you're are taking about? I had the PowerBook G4 Titanium 1g DVI. I dropped that computer so many times and it still works to this day. My unit was as tough as a tank. I loved that computer!

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