Apple Pencil: Unboxing & Review

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A Quick Review of the Apple Pencil.


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Sasheto BG says:

working apple 6s

Jared white says:

My finger is free I'll stick with that

GaigeThePunk Gaming says:

What's next? The Pen Pinapple Apple Pencil?

KnottyAmir says:

hi .. tQ for sharing ur video .. a very informative one. I hv almost zero knowledge on iPads. I would to inquire based on your video about screen scratches .. could one not have a screen protector against grits you mentioned?? tQ again.

mhdabde says:

rich kids will use this apple pencil for essay test at school xD

Alexander Amini says:

Hay, Detoriborg would you consider making some beats unboxing videos and reviews?

Ahbabur Rahman says:


I have a pen I have apple
apple pen

I have a I pad
I have a keybord
uh computer pen

Apple pen
Computer pen

Uh Pen pineapple apple pen Ipad pro

Hunter Stewart says:

copying Samsung again smdh.

Alex Nguyễn says:

Hey Siri add my new pencil to charging list

4ND3RF4CK3R ツ says:

1000000 subbbsssssssss

Cattoo Pew says:

No Apple Stickers ?

First Name says:

That thing is way to expensive

Gavin Kumor says:

U cant use it without a ipad pro

N Le says:

Can u use it on other iPads and iphone

Brad Hall says:

Just bought one!

Dougie Fresh says:

does it work with other Ipad other than the ipad Pro??

M Inkpin says:

I swear people only buy apple products to make them look like ballers

Linux Gaming says:

2007: "Who wants a stylus?"-Steve Jobs
2015: "I do!"-Tim cook.


Not worth it

Squishy Pig Bear says:

Does it work with the iPad mini

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