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Today Apple announced Apple Pencil, a stylus geared toward professionals and creatives. TechCrunch Editor and Chief, Matthew Panzarino, goes hands on with the new Pencil.

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SharkTheBandit ツ says:

What Were Apple Workers Smoking And Where Can I Get Some

Jamie Jh says:

There are way too many people in the comments making jokes about the pen pineapple apple pen song ?

Jamie Jh says:

Steve jobs iPad launch 2010: "If you need a stylus, you have already failed"

Gummy TheBurrito says:

That guy writed Hell with apple pencil in the beggining ?

Abhijit Kashyap says:

Could it be used on an iPad Air 2 also?

Eu sou o Spree says:

I have a pencil
I have an apple
Apple Pencil

Swagga261 - says:

I have a pen. I have an apple


Apple pen

Joyce Eleanor says:

I have a pen

I have an apple


Apple pen

Gpod Joe says:

Those people who keeps comparing Apple pencil and a regular pencil are probably non artists, just tech cheapskates. Note that this device is meant for digital art and animation, if you want to compare this with something at least compare it with wacom or something. Sheesh…

Ayan says:

I have a pencil
I have an apple


Apple Pencil

Thomas Virus says:

he has a pen , and apple . ugh apple pen!

gypsychavie says:

does the pencil come with a rubber, and is my granny fanny hole stinky, I duno. my cock is big thou

Silven says:

I cant wait for the Pineapple pencil

Marceline Cunningham says:

Does it works with any kind of tablet?

Golden Retriever says:

I'm so glad they made a stylus for the iPad it's been begging for one ever since it was created

Cory lee says:

Is it just for that one app or can you use it as a stylelist and as a pencil for any other drawing apps

HennessyJ Gaming says:

Steve jobs said he never wanted stylus pens

The Prince says:

he said the pen battery last only 30 mins??? what a piece of shit seriously..

Canaan G. says:

What's the song?

Al Barleta says:

Illuminati confirmed

基贤老公 says:

What is this app name?

Gino Punsalan says:

Can the hand rest on the screen while drawing and not draw as well?

Ri måy says:

I might get it for my birthday…..well my birthday party


ITS FOR ART, if you think that it's stupid because you can have a reg pencil and paper, it's easier to print comics and such.

Ian Back says:

Hi TechCrunch, Ian from Appostasy here, We are looking for reviewers on our PenSe Case for the Apple Pencil, If you are interested DM us on Instagram so we can exchange info!
THanks for your time!

Jamie R. says:

The response time is noticeable but manageable. Seems like this will only skyrocket when the hardware can respond much faster. A very intriguing piece of hardware I'd say but those looking for something more demanding it might be bothersome. Just wanted to come here and say that in case anyone on a serious artist level comes by. Good luck none the less.

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