Apple Music vs Spotify: 2 Years Later Which is BEST?

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Apple Music vs Spotify: Which is better in 2017?
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Apple Music & Spotify are the 2 most popular music streaming services & I will compare both of them head-to-head to see which is the best music streaming app.

Both offer $9.99/month for the all-access individual plan, $14.99/month for a family plan up to 6 people, and $4.99/month for student discount. Apple Music is available in many more countries than Spotify. Apple Music’s hidden $99 annual subscription: if you’re already an Apple Music member go to iPhone Settings, Apple ID, iTunes & App Store, View Apple ID, Subscriptions, Apple Music Membership, (select plan)

Apple Music charges taxes which comes to $10.59/month (varies on your location). That’s 60 cents extra per month compared to Spotify. Spotify offers a free plan (shuffle-only, limited, ads) but it’s still a big advantage since Apple Music does not offer a free plan. (Beats 1 radio is free to all)

Music Collection
Spotify: 30 million+ songs
Apple Music: 40 million+ songs
(Availability depends on region)

Sound Quality
Spotify has options of 96Kbps, 160Kbps, and 320Kbps
Apple Music streams at 256Kbps

Offline Listening

Library Limit
Spotify: 10,000 song limit in library
Apple Music: 100,000 song limit in library

Supported Devices
Spotify is more cross-platform friendly. PC/Mac/Web, Spotify Connect, works with devices like Samsung Gear, Amazon devices, Alexa integration, PlayStation, Smart TVs, Roku, etc.
Apple Music has a “closed” environment like most Apple products: PC/Mac (Requires iTunes; no web player), is supported on Android but works best with iOS; Integration with Siri, Apple TV, Apple Watch, CarPlay, and HomePod, Apple’s smart speaker.

Exclusive Content
Apple Music lands more exclusive deals with big artists where certain albums are released first to Apple Music. Some artists choose to only be on Apple Music. Both services offer their own exclusive content. (Apple Music has Planet of the Apps, and Spotify has Spotify Sessions)

Apple Music shows full lyrics of a song in the app.
Spotify has integration with, which shows some of the lyrics mixed in with fun facts about the song or meaning, but it doesn’t show full lyrics and the Genius lyrics integration is only available for certain songs.

Existing Library
Apple Music syncs your existing iTunes library pretty effortlessly. Spotify syncs your existing iTunes library, but it’s more complicated and not as seamlessly integrated as it is with Apple Music.

Both radio stations created from artists are similar. However, Apple Music radio stations created from individual songs seem to be a little better than Spotify. It seems to play more new music. Apple Music has Beats 1 radio which is a popular feature, along with on-demand radio stations. I do prefer Spotify’s interface with Radio because you can see the list of songs up next. On Apple Music you can only see the next song.

Both have a large number of playlists based on things like Mood & Genre, but Spotify gets Playlists right since they have more experience. The 2 big advantages of Spotify playlists are Daily Mixes & Discover Weekly, which are automatic custom-made playlists tailored to your listening habits.

Apple Music has the Connect feature that lets you follow your favorite artists. Spotify has better Social features. You can create, share and follow public playlists made from any Spotify user which makes their playlist selection more extensive than Apple Music. Spotify also has Collaborative Playlists which lets you and your friends add songs to the same playlist.

App Experience
Both app menu buttons are similar. I think Spotify has a better design and layout than Apple Music. I prefer Spotify’s dark theme. Spotify shows the number of monthly listeners for an artist. I wish Spotify displayed the Featured Artist info on songs like Apple Music. Spotify’s search suggestions & algorithm are better than Apple Music. Spotify saves a step because when you tap on a song in the search suggestions it starts playing unlike Apple Music. Both apps allow you to edit the queue of the current songs or playlist. Spotify’s Shuffle is pretty bad. It tends to play more songs by artists you listen to a lot or have a lot of songs saved by them. Apple has a way better, more random, Shuffle. On Spotify I like how you can hold down on a song to preview it. Spotify also has convenient ways to add songs to the queue or save to your library by swiping left or right on a song.

Which is the best music streaming service right now? Spotify or Apple Music? I’m staying with Spotify as my premium music streaming service for the time being. I just prefer Spotify’s features and user experience more than Apple Music.

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Andy Slye says:

Try Apple Music FREE for 3 months:
Try Spotify for free:

What is YOUR choice?

Crystal Martinez says:

I love spotify! But I got an Apple Watch and it doesn’t sync music from Spotify 😞

dontbothermewithchannels says:

That lipstick looks a little akward.

Tyler Kelly says:

Spotify is better hands down! Both are great, but most of what you mentioned between the 2 services are comparable and ultimately come down to preference…but the cross platform support on Spotify combined with weekly discover playlists easily edges it for me. I can literally start a song from my bedroom speaker walk to my computer and switch the device the music is streaking without missing a lyric, then do the same switching to my phone listening walking to parking lot, then again getting into my car and tapping the Spotify app on the HUD in my Ford.

Apple fans you can argue you have a comparable service here that may have a preference for, but don't you dare say you've already done it better than Spotify.

Nicky Phillipson says:

Apple music may have more songs but I've never searched for something on Spotify and not been able to find it

Palmereap says:

I do prefer Spotify on the whole, but I wish it did shuffle better, and let me remove a song from the playlist without having to go all the way to the top to edit they playlist.

Yimon says:

I see you listen to Kendrick Lamar a lot. Good man

Ben Law says:

Spotify is much better than Apple Music

maybe vincent says:

i like spotify because i found a pirated version

Ray Leonard says:

You mention shuffle: I believe Steve Jobs talked about this. People don’t want random, they want it to feel random. Apple did have the random shuffle, but that led to complaints similar to yours, that it felt like similar songs came after each other.
Quite interesting!

Ray Leonard says:

Spotify’s app design is unbearable… it’s so clunky and unpleasant. I’ll stick to Apple Music, as always with Apple, it doesn’t have the most features regarding personalization, but instead the make products and software that just works.

Riley Powell says:


Flamingbrik says:

i heard some time ago that people complied that apples shuffle didn't feel random(it was fully random) so apple made an algorithm so you would get similar songs or artist back to back. Making shuffle not random.

TYLRbass says:

Apple probably has to charge sales tax if they have physical locations in the state you live in, which is probably most if not all states – whereas Spotify probably only charges that tax for users in the same state as their HQ?

Willi Dunlap says:

If you go to the Spotify free trial page and go to the search/url bar and change 30 days to 60 days you can get a two moth trial

Mitchell Bowser says:

I love Spotify. I'm sure Apple Music is good too, I've just never really used it

moviemagic says:

As a student, I went with Spotify's student discount because it had better features and it also includes Hulu with my subscription!

Dittsboylogan says:

Spotify was better when Taylor Swift wasn’t on it

Mauricio Obeso says:

Wow, you did a great job! Clearly you did the homework complete. 👌🏼😉

tres mcguire says:

Is he wearing lipstick????

Shokolokobangoshi says:

One thing that blows my mind is that Apple Music doesn’t notify me when an artist I follow drops new music. It’s so frustrating.

Kenneth K says:

Anyone notice that Spotify is quieter than Apple Music?

Dori Rea says:

I have 900 or more songs but wtf is this guy doing he has 10k, tf does he just go in like all of the play lists that show when u get on spotify and save everything?😂😂

Robert Wattner says:

NOBODY who doesn't own apple crap uses apple music. Good video but you immediately lost half your audience

VeryMilan says:

you forgot that spotify works for linux too.

Steve K says:

Spotify now has $99 a year as well and no tax so it's like $8.20 a month vs $10.61 with Apple Music tax

Nick Cimillo says:

i have the same lamp in the left of the video

zakaria eddhahiry says:


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