Apple Music- Some of the files were not copied to the iPhone because iCloud Music Library is enabled

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Some of the files were not copied to the iPhone because iCloud Music Library is enabled on this iPhone.
1. On the iphone go to Settings
2. Then Music
3. Turn off iCloud music library
4. Plug in phone drag and drop desired file
5. Turn iCloud music library back on
6. Merge or Replace

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Rehan Mirza says:

Biggest Legend on the globe someone give this man an Oscar complete genius Love u my hero

Jadexoxos says:


Thomas Boutilier says:

Thank you so much! seriously helped me

Andrew Rhinevault says:

You're a fucking badass for this! It took me so god damn long to figure this shit out!

marvin juan says:

Thank You So MUCH!!!

Papa Tandoh says:

This is why we should all drop this ridiculous company. How is one of the most advanced tech companies on the planet not able to figure out a simple way to just add music to its phone?

Captain Muz says:

THANK YOU BRO!! I've been trying to find this shit out forever and you are the only person I could find to address this problem.

Dead Patch Audio says:

thanks a billion for this video!!!!

John Merriweather says:

Thanks, Bro! Just what I needed!

lurker says:

This type of bullshit makes me wish I had android. There always some sort of debate but these dumbass Apple restrictions can fuck off

Saya490 says:

so i tried this and it didnt work. i turned off the icloud music library and dragged the music to my phone in itunes but it gave me the same msg. when i went back to the settings it was set back on and i never touched it.

Antonio Coria says:

Yes! Thank you, I had given up hope of keeping my music.

keisuke satoh says:

Thank you so much!! ^^

kattay says:

I had the phone plugged in first and then tried to turn off icloud music and it wouldn't work. This video made me think I would unplug and plug it back in and it worked. This took me half an hour. Thank you for your video. Such a small and stupid error but if it wasn't for your vid i would have given up

Aristo Mills says:

Apple are bunch of Cucks imo … hate their culture

Brian Anderson says:

Thanks! I have been trying to figure this out for quite some time!

Martin Dick says:

I have a problem when i turn icloud on again i have to click again on EVERY single icloud icon on every album. Is there a way to keep them like before?

Jimmie Nahas says:

Yah mon I echo the sentiment from below.

Sarabjeet Singh says:

Thank You Sir. It still works

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