Apple Music on Android: Setup tour and first impressions

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Apple Music is now available on Android, so we decided to take it for a spin and show you what the initial experience is like setting it up, and what to expect from the app. Whether you’re a new subscriber to Apple Music, or an existing one, we have you covered.

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Cam’s recommended gear:
MacBook Pro with Retina:
STM Drifter backpack:
Logitech MX Master mouse:
Apple Wireless keyboard:
ASUS RT-A68U router:
Huawei Watch:


Mimoun Gaid says:

What is the name of the phone he is using?

Carlos Aponte says:

how do you sign in??.im trying to but keeps tell in password followed by the numbers and im doinig that and it still not working …please help

Esther T says:

I bought 5 songs when I press my musicit shows 3 month's free and when I find the music and try play they say 3 month's free

drifting&hackingyourphone says:

No lock screen controls.

Gaurav Sharma says:

The music I download on apple music, always gets saved on my device storage. I even clicked on 'SD card' option. But still, it's on my device storage.

Mustafa SH says:

how to cancel the trail membership on Android

ripcity 1977 says:

doesn't work on my Samsung I agree to terms and details and a bunch of code comes up and I get pass that page

OMFG WTF says:

how to cancel subscription ?

Toby Harris says:

can't go on my music

Jaume Genaro says:

ive got it for like half a year now and ive got a new phone that update to android 6.0.1 and since then my songs that ive downloaded uninstall by themselves and i click on a song to play and it doesnt play

עומרי קרן says:

I have a question… How does the Family plan work on android? You need to set up Family Sharing in order to use multiple Apple ID's on this plan

Alex Watts says:

Cemented me coming back to Android here. Got a OnePlus3 coming on Tuesday, but a good decade of music curation on iTunes and recently Apple Music. Thanks for the video.

Joe Fisher says:

What operating system dose it have to have??

Noah1985HA says:

yes! finally my Fiance and more fully make the switch to android and incorporate her Itunes music experience!!.. Perfect!

Ultimate Prophecy says:

Can u play your music u bought on that iTunes acc?

Devin Giles says:

I'm trying to do the individual plan but every time I click on it, it says "your card balance is out of date". anyone know why or having the same problem?

John Paul says:

Stupid thing won't give me access to any of my music that I own on iTunes. I signed in and everything but it wants me to buy a subscription to the new service. Wtf

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