Apple Mac Music Video

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Tons of cool ways to use a Mac to the song of “Again & Again” by the Bird & the Bee. This is the video that started my professional directing career.

Directed by: Dennis Liu

Adam Buxton Reads Out The YouTube Comments for Apple Mac Music Video


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Adoniram Vargas says:

This brings me so much memories…

marc mayen says:

>>How to speed up and clean up your mac and mac book.>>

Nick D says:

remembering when apple was actually good

wesmatron says:

After all this time, is jchryss is still a fucking idiot?

husleman says:

Damn, I remember back when a college buddy of mines showed me this video like back in 08 sometime. This video is still amazing. Such a good job. Back then I thought this was the official video for this song. Song is amazing.

TheAeroPeek says:

Damn, watched this 6 years ago. Why do I remember all the stupid stuff but not the imortant one  haha

1292liam says:

a PPC would froze if they tryed this on their

doegy Whail says:

she was cute, then she winked, now I must have her.

Felixrad says:

I love song.

Four AM says:

Why do people abbreviate it MAC like it's some kind of acronym? Do you all use WINDOWS computers? Or LINUX? Do you take a BUS or a CAR to work? How's your WIFE these DAYs? 

Chris “BostonGreekGeek” Vaxevanis says:

Nice video editing…too bad its done on a Mac!

Jono Cook says:

Adam Buxton sent me here, because of you graedads balls.

krasimir rangelov says:

very nice

nathan trevino says:

shes so beautiful >.<

Raphaël Beaupied says:


Kostas Spiliotopoulos says:

Very impressing…

MrLoek4 says:

mac fuckes your graded balls

Alexander Mercer says:

Me encanto el video pero aún más ella :)

czasumierac says:

Ohh… it just 5 years. And… i love it AGAIN 🙂 D

macvol01 says:

how she did it ???

Daniel Lawrence says:

Made with windows movie maker!

grzesiek92062203815 says:

I've been searching for this for months!!

Ainsley Harriott says:

Her horrible singing stings the earholes

playaloc says:

Nope Juicy J brought me here…"Lucky ass Bitch" feat. Mac Miller…Check it out!

Dora65565 says:

Amazing Apple Mac music video….

adobePC says:

Interesting video.

figureliam07 says:

fuckin gorgeous

Vadim Golub says:

read comments 🙂 she's Larkin Clark

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