Apple Laptop Destruction with BB gun and hoe

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Using a Walther CP99 and a Gamo PT-80 BB gun to destroy an Apple laptop. When that doesn’t give good enough results, i smashed it with a grubbing hoe.


Inventor Xtreme says:

This is like slow mo guys

xx_ProQuickscoper-notIluminati-DewrudeDankstorm_xx says:

rip laptop.
Oh wait, it was already broken. :P


keep it up!

Red Door Productions says:

Kids in iBook could've eaten that Africa

trollbreeder says:

That is a pickaxe, not a hoe.

7killabytes says:

its a apple product. who cares?

Charles Lab says:

Run it over train or car xD

Carboy7 says:

Now everyone else destroys stuff that works…
you destroy a completely nonworking iBook.

The survival ON MINECRAFT says:

You were gonna bring out the old g19

bxyhxyh says:

Watched Steve Jobs the movie yesterday. It was about his personality and his family.
BUT one thing he always said was "Always Mac, NO APPLE II".

James Taylor says:

Thunder caps made by the king of random :)

Jmn Natu says:

4 years ago…. Fps is a lot lower but the sound is as good.

Danie Armstrong says:

I assume gun license O_O

Christopher Johnson says:

use thermite on the next one.

wheelockalarm says:

Run over one with your car, or do you not have any more parts?

Ellis Jones says:

You could try dropping the laptop from a height or driving over it.

Casey Vlogz And Games says:

man, i love ur vids but….YOUR AIM SUCKS!!! I HAVE BETTER AIM THAN YOU :P

Hasoon nine says:

teckrax is that you?

Xbox- Gaming45 says:

Dealing with difficult customer returns :)

CobobS12 says:

Burn them up, lighter fluid or gasoline, your choice.

Radicool Gaming says:

that is an i book which is very cheap and has very low specs so even i would love to destroy that!

The xth legion says:

when in datle let you ho dill whit it

madis-siim kull says:

use flair gun and gaseline

Vik S says:


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