Apple iTunes Intro – Part 2

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This is the second part of Steve Jobs demonstrating iTunes for the first time on Mac OS 9 at MacWorld SF on January 10, 2001.


Ryan Hsu says:

We now know that while Steve Jobs was introducing this, he was keeping iPod
a secret.

samaster1991 says:

He loves his Love Shack

J Ryan says:

@supernoob17 Things can go wrong at demos. It actually WAS stupidly easy to
burn a CD once iTunes came out back then.

J Ryan says:

@MarkPMus You’re wrong. Innovation is moving forward and embracing the way
of the future. Optical media is slowly (note that I say SLOWLY) dying out
and with hard drive storage being more and plentiful not to mention the
introduction of cloud storage digital is the way of the future. Apple (with
iTunes) aren’t the only ones embracing this. Also, you can STILL burn audio
CDs with iTunes, still rip existing AND back up to dvd. Also, DVD-A is very
obscure and never took off.

Fredrik Selvig says:

1:19 “What am I doing here?”

olfrygt2007 says:

iTunes was introduced in January 2001. The iPod was introduced in October
2001. So it´s quite normal that it was developed to support the iPod which
was definitely in deverlopment at this time.

jrgs906 says:

this was before the ipod so of course they had that feature.

Zoolookuk says:

I see the morons at google disabled audio for two entire videos because of
a few seconds of a song.

HappyDaze01 says:

Not speaking from personal experience (I wish I was wrong) but aren’t those
visualisations like what someone sees when they are trippin’ on the lsd?

hldan says:

Okay it’s nearly 7 years on Mac and I ain’t talkin about Windows because
that’s a port. iTunes is a Mac application. Does it really matter that you
had to correct me? The OP was just shocked that it was on OS9 and I
confirmed that. Some people think iTunes was born for the iPod and it’s not
true at all.

MarkPMus says:

@ItsMrBigfence so unrestricted that it won’t allow hi-res files, flac, MP3
players other than the iPod, etc, etc, etc…

Mark Humienik says:


supernoob17 says:

there we go… no? i think its spinning up now…. so this is gonna go
ahead and burn the cd for me! its gonna burn the whole playlist… i don’t
wanna burn the whole playlist so i’m gonna… go ahead and stop this… but
you get the idea… its preparing the track now… this is gonna take a
while…. its gonna take me a second to stop this… now heres my playlist

appleAddict240872 says:

itunes visualizer is teh legal way to get high.

ThePJMcConnell says:

Well, I bet the visualizer looked awesome then, but on a 240p youtube
player, not so great lol

xXfalafelXx says:

“what if we can see music” – isn’t that what lsd is for? 😉

JonnyInfinite says:

actually 24 bit WAV is the industry standard, at the recording level. You
could use Apple Lossless or Windows Lossless which are similar to FLAC. Mp3
standard is still pretty poor, even at 256 kbps… if you are going 320 you
might as well go to a compressed lossless format, as you’re not really
saving much like you would with a 128/160 mp3 file

MarkPMus says:

@gigglygloo “Unrestricted!” They have done a pretty good job of restricting
it since then.

stevenup7002 says:

You young windoze whipper shnappers >:(

olfrygt2007 says:

iTunes was introduced in early 2001. Now its 2007 –> No 8 years on Mac.
Windows Users can use iTunes for about 4 Years. –> also not new.

Luis Felipe says:

And its free….

natogandalf says:

@MarkPMus Hi-res files being what? Is uncompressed high enough resolution?
Why would it add support for other MP3-players? It’s not as if another
MP3-player has an app as refined as iTunes that you’re missing out on.

Rafael Carvallo says:

boom there it is. lmao he always says that xD.

MarkPMus says:

@natogandalf I just feel that Apple’s philosophy since the iPhone and iPad
is “let’s see how much money we can make and how many people we can put out
of business.” Hence the Mac App store and their disregard for the CD and
DVD/Blu Ray formats – why buy a disc when you can d/load it from Apple?
They are not being innovative anymore, and quality suffers too – it is
perfectly possible to download and playback DVD-A and SACD quality files,
but iTunes and iPods will not play them at full resolution.

hldan says:

iTunes is not new. It’s been on the Mac for over 8 years. It’s only new to
those weirdo dumbass Windows users.

ramin987 says:

Fantastic truths that you talk, hehe 🙂

Metallic Ghosts says:

alrite… boom….

J Ryan says:

@MarkPMus MP3 is the industry standard. Virtually no jukebox app out there
supports FLAC natively (except maybe Winamp) without plugins. There are
plugins to support FLAC on iTunes. That has nothing to do with
“restrictions”. You’re talking about features. Different kettle of fish.
It’d be hard for them to support every single portable media player out
there nowadays. They have their own that works flawlessly with iTunes.
Again, not a restriction.

makkertje says:

OS9 was pretty cool then. Better than Windows95/98/ME crap!!

Mitube says:

The members of the B-52’s were desperate for money back in 2001

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